The concept of Novelty birthday cake is not new but surely the advancement in technology has made this concept a lot more popular these days. There are so many bakers, who are talking about such an incredible cake and ho wonderfully you can bake it with simply some easy tips and tricks. But if you are planning to make it for the first time then maybe it is a wise decision to speak with the expert baker and get the first one for your loved one from the expert. You need to understand that it is more like a blend of art and taste which only a person who has a good hand on baking cakes can help you with. Here are some of the crucial things that you might want to know about novelty cake.

Know More About Novelty Birthday Cake:

The name novelty cake itself explains the meaning behind it. Novelty means unique and something’s special and that is why, if you have seen different types of the cartoon on the cakes or some kind of images or themes which not in most of the cakes can be noticed, well then those type of cakes are called Novelty birthday cakes. But surely to order for such cake, you need to give prior intimation to the baker. This type of cake is a perfect combination of distinctive styling and great taste which is why to the day it has grabbed the attention of many experts.

This cake is not just unique but the baker understands so well on outing the imagination and colors of the school kid for whom this cake is being made so that he would love to get it cut. Such type f cake is mostly cut in kids’ birthday parties. But there are times like graduation parties and anniversary or millstone parties of the birthday where such type of cake is ordered.

Some Of The Popular Novelty Birthday Cake:

  • Pull-Apart Turtle Cake: Well there must hardly be any person who hates turtle. In the case of kids, the turtle is the most adored one and talking of its shade and styling in the cake, this is often called to be a popular Novelty birthday cake. It is made of the flat chocolate cake base and the icing on it is black and brown which looks similar to the earth blend. It becomes the setting part of the turtle. The best part that grabs the attention of the cake is it entirely is the cupcake section but even when you look at it closely, you will not even realize it.
  • Rainbow Colored Rattle Cake: This is another popular fun cake that you can consider off. It is distinctive and quite colorful too. Some so many kids love this type of cake. In this, the base is pretty simple. It could either be chocolate which every kid on the planet prefers mostly or can be even a bunt. Then there is a creamed layer which is then cut into layered pieces in form of S and there will be a chocolate frosting over it in M and M shape all over it with different paths of the colors on it.

If you compare the price, over the regular cake it can go a little high because the expectations and to meet those needs the baker uses a lot of skills, art, and technology which surely is not an easy job.