Thinking to get a private guard then you should ask for private security guard cost. However, if you want to get them then you must check our company’s UGS security. Security guards provide a host of many essential benefits for a business. There are many things you need to get a security guard such as theft prevention crime detection and crowd control. Moreover, to this, you should make sure that your clients are safe enough. In this way, they will also feel safe while working within your office. However, there are many categories of a security guards so that all of them vary with working capabilities as well as with price. So that many people ask about private security guard cost so that they get the one which suits them the best.

Most of the time people have not much amount to pay for the best security guards so that they get other options. Not only this, it is recommended that you should get the cost of the services from at least more than 3 companies. So that you can get the company that is providing the best services within the most suitable price rates. The cost of the companies varies with the working style of the companies and the level of experience. Moreover to the demand of the customers from the companies also vary. In this case, the companies increase their cost per service. So that you must know which company is best for you. There are many types of security guard services and also their price is different so that you must get the cost of the first.

The average cost of armed and unarmed ones:

The average cost of hiring a security guard service is about 35 to 50$ per hour. However, it also varies in which area you want to get these services. Moreover to this experience level of the company and security risk also counted. Hence most of the time it goes up to 100$ per hour sometimes.

Armed vs unarmed:

Many companies provide both armed and unarmed services. So that you have to pay more for armed ones instead of unarmed ones. For armed security guard services, you have to pay 5$ more. The companies that hire armed security guard services have some sort of threat issues and they want alert force. So that if you are facing any kind of threat issue then you must get the armed force. The armed force is the most alert security guard force and they know how to handle every situation. In this way, they make you sure that you are all safe and sound.

However, if you just want to get an unarmed security force to make sure that all the people inside your office is maintaining all the rules and regulations. These guards are hired in crowded places and in offices. In offices, no other person is allowed to get enter except the workers. So that in this case the guards make sure this thing. Moreover, to this, they have no weapon so that you can feel relaxed with them. These guards are trained to check all kinds of the situation however they cannot handle such a difficult situation. Just because of this they are less expensive than the armed security guard services.

Special Forces:

Most of the time the businessmen ask for the Special Forces. These are the ones that are having weapons but they did not wear any kind of uniform. So that they are just like normal people mostly they wear casual dresses and pent coats. All of them wear the same dress so that you can recognize them easily. They are the expert ones and know all the tact’s to protect you. These guards are mostly hired by businessmen politicians and celebrities for their personal use. So that they get protection all the time. These guard services start from 100 to 200$ per hour. So that a normal office person cannot hire them. Besides this, in offices, there is no need to get such an expert person armed ones are enough for offices.