Explore the world of the Home Appliances and machines and you will be surprised by the features.

The brands are coming up with the latest models and each new addition is superior to the last one. Life has become easier with these machines, and we are dependent on these appliances. For most of us, it is hard to imagine a day in a home without the appliance support.

Home appliances like microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and AC are no more a luxury but essential support. The flawless and uninterrupted performance of these machines not just helps in saving time and energy, but they are Eco-friendly as well. Designed to consume less water, less electricity these high performing appliances deserve special care and maintenance. The sophisticated design, the latest technology has made a range of home appliances more superior.

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Since these appliances are used on a regular basis, people are careful in handling and using them, but even after attention and care, there are chances to face some problems. In most of the cases, the problem does not occur overnight, but the machine starts giving indications long before. Be an attentive consumer and do not overlook the warning signs. Even if the product is not under the warranty period, you can still find an appliance repair in Reno that can ease the trouble like a genie.

Pioneer Appliance Repair one of the active, trusted and leading appliance repair service provider in Reno understand the appliances inside and out. Apart from sound technical excellence, their team understands the troubles of the users as well. Their concern is to come up with the fastest and best solution and that too within the budget.

Pioneer Appliance Repair 

The reason local people trust pioneer appliance repair is their quick service. It is hard to plan and manage your day with a failed appliance. Their concern is to resolve the entire issues maximum by the next day. And if the issue demands more days, they ensure that the consumers get the fastest solution.

Though there are professionals to help you, with a little care and maintenance you can keep appliances like oven, washing machine, dryer, and microwave. Regular inspection of the appliances, power boards, and wiring is an easy way to track the health of the appliances. If you find anything different, it could be weird sound, excessive heating, loose door grip or underperformance, call the expert immediately to check the appliance, and find out the issue. Using compromised appliance over and over will only increase the complexity.

But it is one of those fears that can turn into reality anytime. If your appliance is under the Warranty period, then it is easier to deal with problems, but if the product is older and you don’t have a warranty or company’s support then it might be difficult for you. While calling a local appliance repair service provider you have to keep certain points in mind.

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Trust licensed and insured service provider:

Don’t let the frustration of failed appliance provoke you to make haste decision. Be it the washing machine or microwave, you must find a licensed and insure appliance repair service provider only or else you may get in more severe trouble. Trusted some non-licensed and non-insured repair service can make the situation more complex. And sometimes you might end in replacing the appliance with the new one.

Experience and expertise:

Though most of the professional appliance repair service providers claim that they can handle all models and brands. But it is suggested to state your problem clearly and specify the appliance, type, and model and brand clearly. You can ask their previous experience in dealing with a particular brand as well. If you find them good enough to help you in dealing with troublesome appliance then you can proceed ahead.


In most of the scenario consumer wants the repair by the earliest possible time. While discussing the problem always mention the timeline you expect the repair work to be done. This will help the service provider in deciding whether they are available to take up the task or not. Sometimes the unavailability of the spare part or equipment also adds delay in repairing work.

Request a Free Quote:

Make a list of selected appliance repair service providers near you, request a quote. Compare the service and price offered by them. Read reviews and ratings of the previous customers and make a well-informed decision. After all, no one wants to experience the same problem again and again. With a little precaution, you can find what is best for you and your appliance.


Pioneer Appliance Repair is ready to help you with all kinds of appliance repair needs in Reno. Whether you need assistance for vent cleaning or for installing a new air condition they would be there to offer a service.