Hair loss is the most common problem these days. People usually take hair loss lightly, but it can be the cause of worry later on. Once it gets severe, there is no going back. Various factors lead to hair loss. Hair loss can be due to medical conditions, hormones of a person, or due to aging. The phenomenon of hair loss is most common in men as compared to women. But now, women have also started complaining about it. Hair loss directly affects the personality of a person. It can be temporary or permanent, depending upon the health of the person.

Consequently, it is essential to get it treated. One of the ways to treat hair loss is PRP surgery. Along with hair loss, numerous other things get treated by PRP surgery. In this article, people will get to know about the PRP for hair loss and its procedure.

What is PRP? 

PRP Surgery

PRP’s full name is platelet-rich plasma. It is a substance that heals when it is injected. 

PRP treatments for hair loss contain protein to promote cell growth. New healthy cells will be created with the help of PRP surgery. Consequently, healing will take place. PRP is a certified treatment as the food and drug administration department has approved it. Many people resort to PRP injections to get rid of their injuries. 

Reasons to use PRP injections.

PRP surgery not only treats hair loss, but it also heals other things. One can apply PRP injections to different things. Have a look at the things which get cured with PRP injections. 

The primary issue with which PRP deals is the issue of hair loss. PRP gets injected into the scalp of the person to facilitate hair growth. It prevents hair loss with the help of PRP injections. For a long time, it is considered an effective remedy to treat baldness. Sportspersons are prone to the risk of injuries while playing. Those injuries can be effectively treated with PRP injections. Injuries like knee sprains can get cured with PRP injection. 

Besides this, tendon injuries can also get treated with PRP injection. The tough bands of tissue that join muscles to bones are known as tendons. Tendon injuries take a lot of time to get treated on their own. Consequently, doctors use PRP injections for treating the same. Recovery after surgery is difficult and time taking. PRP injections take care of the postsurgical repair. Ligaments can be effectively treated with PRP surgery. 

People who are having a knee problem can also get it treated with PRP surgery. As compared to the other treatments and injections available for treating knees, PRP injections are most effective. 

Preparation for PRP injections 

Before availing of PRP surgery, preparation needs to be done. Before giving a PRP injection, the solution gets applied to your scalp. One can also be given a local anesthetic to reduce the person’s discomfort during the treatment. The other things depend upon your surgeon. 


The very first thing which the surgeon does is to take a sample of your blood. How much sample will be taken will depend upon the treatment. Then the blood components are separated, which is a matter of only 15 minutes. After this, the injection is prepared for the affected area. Doctors tend to use ultrasound to pinpoint the area for injection.

Consequently, PRP is injected into the room. The whole process takes only one hour. But to reduce the discomfort during the treatment, one should arrive early at the clinic to make himself comfortable. 

Side Effects of PRP surgery

It has some side effects. The injection which is injected into the body poses some risk. Consequently, some side effects can be seen. Let’s know about the side effects of PRP injection.

  • Infection can take place owing to the injection. 
  • For some time, a person can feel some pain where the injection is applied. 
  • There are chances that were owing to the treatment; tissue damage can occur. 
  • PRP treatment for hair loss can also cause nerve injuries. 

Cost of PRP surgery 

As such, there is no fixed cost of the treatment. The cost will vary depending upon the location and injection. It will also depend upon the surgeon because an experienced surgeon will be costly compared to the other one. 


One can get his hair loss treated effectively with PRP injection. PRP surgery does not have any serious side effects and will vanish on its own. For the best PRP treatment, one must visit Beverly hills hair restoration for the same.