Our world dealing with the global crisis, which has brought a sudden change in every aspect of our life. Sadly, there is no cure available to this virus now, and safety is the only treatment available.

To win over this situation, integration of AI technology is necessary. It provides the right information and updates to the authorities and government agencies to capture this virus and stop its spread.

Below we have mentioned some factors where AI is proving its worth in the bursting of the bubble of insecurities built around pandemic and paving a way for the medical staff and official authorities to fight its venom with flying colors. Let’s read ahead…

Containment period

Now you must be wondering the role of AI in the containment period. This is the specific phase, where patients can unknowingly pass the virus to another person. Well here the mechanism of AI is imbibed within the app technology and helps in spotting the COVID patient. And further, this technology helps in alerting, testing, treating, and isolating those contacts to break the chain.

Testing powered by AI

The scarcity of available test kits is well-known, and this issue is faced on the global platform.  But with the help of technology, now there is a new AI-enabled thermal-imaging camera. With the help of this camera, it becomes easy to identify the people running with high temperature. This device is highly useful in some of the most crowded places, and help in spotting the COVID- 19 patient.

Genome analysis

Researchers could gather SARS-CoV2 genome, after taking the samples from around the world to study and research. To complete this research, the role of deep learning cannot be ignored, as it helped in studying genomics sequencing and diagnostic testing to process huge data and identifying any variation in the available code.

AI Prediction 

Well, for around 50 years, humanity has witnessed above 1,500 pathogens which were new in their nature, and further studies have discovered, that 70% of these have animal resource. 

You should know those virus or bacterial infections come from animals to human transfer are called “zoonotic”. This spillover can happen when an infected animal is consumed, trafficked, farmed, or if bites a human, and further it can also occur when human activity destroys habitats.

In any given situation, Artificial Intelligence helps in predicting locations. And further identifies the whereabouts of such infections.

This enables the government other agencies to plan proactively, and ban or spread the awareness and put a full stop on the diseases before it turns out to be a deadly pandemic, like COVID-19.

Control on information 

During the pandemic, it has been keenly observed that it is very necessary to bring the right information to citizens, and data to organizations, so fake news can be controlled.

One should know that any wrong information can cause distress among people, therefore it is very much necessary to control the source of misinformation.

To combat this issue, AI comes forward and helps in securing correct information and evades any feeble chance even provide the wrong information. AI system ensures to let go of every news through an AI-enabled system. This helps in promoting legitimate information and remove unwanted clutter of misinformation. 

Potential treatment

As well know that healthcare technology has revolutionized its mechanism with the computational drug re-purposing. 

This process involves a deep learning method, which is a by-product of AI technology. Within this process. researchers search through a massive database of existing drugs to find out one perfect solution. This further helps in finding treatment for newly erupted healthcare issues. Sooner AI will be strong enough to find viral inhibitors, which can fight bacterial infections. 

Also, AI holds the potential to predict if any specific drugs can help humans to get prevention against any specific virus. In other words, it helps in pre-screening the medicines much before they go through any lab testing process.

Final words

No doubt, AI is helping medical staff and government authorities to beat the blues of pandemic. So are you ready to make the fast move amid pandemic, then AI is here to serve your all queries, just keep watching this space for more trending information to roll-in here.