Canada, an economically prosperous country, offers endless opportunities to business visitants. According to Royal Migration Dubai, hundreds of entrepreneurs try short-term calls to Canada in the hunt for fresh and compelling business shots. Under the Business Immigration visa class, foreign citizens may visit Canada for short-term periods to participate in business dealings with Canadian corporations. The suitable appellants are authorized to traverse business opportunities, communicate with Canadian business equivalents, and compete in business discussions. Nevertheless, this visa does not permit appellants to assume employment in Canada.

So herewith Royal Migration Dubai, let’s explore the latest business immigration categories to Canada.

1. Self-employed Persons Program

A self-employed person is a foreign national who has appropriate knowledge, can be self-employed in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy. The appellant will be elected based on the models i.e. Age, Education, Experience, Language abilities, and Adaptability. Apart from this, such appellants also require to match the medical and security specifications. And according to Royal Migration Dubai, this is one of the popular Business Immigration categories.

2. Start-up Visa Program under Business Immigration Categories

It implements the people who possess a trading scheme as well as someone to finance it as well. In order to be worthy to obtain a start-up visa, you require to satisfy the language learning specifications, evidence that your trading plan or scheme is being promoted by a chosen organization, and have a satisfactory arrangement of funds.

3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Entrepreneur and Investor Visa Options

PNP provides every province and empire of Canada the endowment to attract appellants to come and live in their boundaries. And according to Royal Migration Solutions, this is only possible if the person is possessing the appropriate experiences and work knowledge. Most utmost of the PNPs has at least one entrepreneur or investor visa section.

4. Business Visitor Visa under Business Immigration Categories

This endorsement is for enterprise personalities who aim to stay provisionally in Canada in order to involve in global business markets by building, financing or generating business intermediaries. The Business Visitor Visa is for inherent competitors who satisfy specific specifications and do not expect to impact directly on the Canadian job market.

5. Canadian Federal Government Permanent Resident Categories

While Canada’s territories have Permanent Resident (PR) programs for business people the federal government does not currently have either an investor or an entrepreneur PR category. Though, entrepreneurs may sometimes be likely to appeal for Canadian permanent resident status. And this comes under a federal skilled worker category says Royal Migration Dubai.

Canada’s Express Entry permanent resident management is based on a points system. One of the specifications under Express Entry is that the principal petitioner must take and pass a compulsory English or French language test.


According to the Royal Migration Solutions – a Dubai based immigration services company, these were some of the business immigration categories to Canada. Anyone contemplating joining Canada for business objectives, or making a permanent resident application, should obtain judicial guidance so that their particular situation can be evaluated. For more information, one can comment on the comment section below.