Get ready to meet Sadie Crowell, an amazing YouTuber and social media star from the United States! Sadie has taken the online world by storm, capturing hearts with her awesome YouTube channel. What makes her channel so cool?

Well, Sadie fills it with fun videos that feature her family and friends, making all of us feel like we’re right there with them. She shares fantastic makeup tips, answers all our burning questions, and takes us on epic travel adventures through her vlogs.

Sadie Crowell is definitely a rising star, and you don’t want to miss out on joining her incredible online journey!

Birth & Background

Sadie Crowell was born on August 21, 2004, in C*mming, Georgia, USA. She has a dad named Lester and a mom named Kelley. Sadie grew up with her two younger brothers, Cooper and Wyatt, and they had lots of fun together.

In her YouTube videos, Sadie often features her family members. Cooper is the youngest brother, and Wyatt is the second born. Sadie is American and comes from a white background. She was raised in a Christian family and went to West Forsyth High School for her education. As of 2023, she is 19 years old.

The bond she shares with her siblings and the support of her family have likely contributed to her success and the person she has become.

Sadie Crowell: Education

We do not have any knowledge of her educational background besides her schooling as she has not disclosed any information about that.

Sadie Crowell Physical Attributes

Sadie Crowell is admired for her striking physical charm. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and maintaining a healthy weight of approximately 108 pounds (49 kg), she has a tall and well-proportioned figure. Her hazel eyes and flowing blonde hair add to her allure and make her even more captivating. Sadie’s dedication to physical fitness is evident as she puts in the effort to stay in shape.

Sadie Crowell: A Rising Social Media Star

Sadie Crowell has gained significant popularity as a social media sensation. She started her YouTube channel on April 5, 2008. On her channel, she creates engaging content like vlogs, challenges, and Q&A videos. Alongside YouTube, Sadie recently launched her own podcast in October 2021, where she shares funny stories from her life.

Not just limited to YouTube and podcasting, Sadie is also active on TikTok. On TikTok, she shares entertaining videos featuring challenges, dancing, and lip-syncs.

Moreover, Sadie has become an Instagram star also. On Instagram, she showcases her fashionable style by sharing photos of herself in trendy outfits and bikinis.

In addition to her online presence, Sadie has even ventured into the fashion world by launching her own clothing line Sadie Crowell Merch, which includes cool shirts and hoodies. She also has a line of beauty products by the name of “SunkissedbySadie ” and also health products by the name of Alani nutrition.

Sadie Crowell: Social Media

Sadie Crowell Instagram


Her account on Instagram has a following of 577 K. She posts her gorgeous photos and reels on Instagram which are a delight for her fans.

She also has a presence on Threads having 40.1K followers.

Sadie Crowell YouTube

Her YouTube channel in the name of @SadieCrowell has 982K subscribers. Sadie Crowell videos focus on her lively interactions with family, relatable personality, and honest monologues.

She’s the girl-next-door who makes viewers feel comfortable and understood, experiencing the same ups and downs as any other teenager.

Sadie Crowell TikTok

@sadie_crowellKACEY IS MY MOM♬ I Remember Everything (feat. Kacey Musgraves) – Zach Bryan

She also has a presence on TikTok and has 917.4K Followers and 53 M likes. She posts amazing videos which are interesting and fun to watch, which garner thousands of likes adding to her income.

Sadie Crowell SnapChat

Sadie Crowell also has a Snapchat account by the name of @sadie.crowell having 702K subscribers.

Sadie Crowell’s Net Worth and Earnings

Sadie Crowell, the American YouTube star, is estimated to have a net worth of around $100 thousand. Although her exact earnings from YouTube are not confirmed, it is believed that she makes somewhere between $5k to $80.8k each year. However, please note that this information about her net worth and salary hasn’t been officially verified yet.

In addition to her YouTube income, Sadie also earns extra money by promoting brands and selling merchandise. These additional sources of income contribute to her overall earnings.

Sadie Crowell: Relationships

As of now, Sadie Crowell is not into any kind of relationship although fans have been speculating about her relationship status and boyfriend.

Another interesting aspect of Sadie Crowell’s personal life is her connection with fellow YouTuber Baylen Levine. In a video called “He Tried To Get Me Arrested” on Baylen Levine’s channel, Sadie and Baylen had some intriguing interactions that got fans speculating about their relationship.

However, neither Sadie nor Baylen has openly confirmed any romantic involvement, leaving fans curious about what their relationship really is.

Bottom line

Sadie Crowell’s talent and charm have made her a rising star in the world of social media. Her engaging content and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal following, and the future looks bright for her online career.