This modern era of globalization has incited a number of establishments throughout the world. This has created a serious issue of protection against threats and criminals. This need generates the demand for a variety of security guards service. Alarm response security is one of them, which secures assets and humans from threats.

In addition to this, the overall growth of the businesses has heightened in terms of economic, political, natural, social, and technological aspects. Although there are various types of high-tech security gadgets that play a vital role in maintaining security, the significance of alarm response security guards cannot be neglected as equipment alone cannot provide absolute security. Without guards, burglars may break into the premises and can misuse this tech-savvy security equipment.

First, it is important to understand alarm response security: –

What is Alarm Response Security?

Alarm response security is a kind of security system that offers an immediate response to an emergency alarm. This service is offered by security guards who respond to alarms in a building or area. The security guards help to secure the premises from any possible threat or criminal act and will enable the people to return to their work.

The security guards can be called upon in a variety of circumstances, such as when an intruder is detected, when an alarm sounds, when a fire is detected, etc. The security guards will help to evacuate the people from the premises and will provide first aid to the people in case of a medical emergency.

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Benefits of Hiring Alarm Response Security Guards for Business in Canada:

1. Keeping Your Company Under Surveillance:

Alarm response security guards keep the company under surveillance. They keep a record of the movements of the people in the building, the movement of the vehicles in the parking lot, etc. Having the control of alarm security guards over your security room enables them to deter the premises from any possible threat or criminal act. This also reduces the chances of criminal activities occurring in the business areas.

Several professional security companies offer security guard management software.

2. Tackle In Case of Emergency:

The security guards are professionally mandated to tackle adverse situations like emergencies. They immediately inform the people present on the premises, and evacuate them safely and in a controlled manner from the buildings ultimately preventing the wastage of resources in case of fire accidents. The alarm response security guards also provide CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to patients or first aid treatment if needed.

3. 24×7 Security:

If you hire the best alarm guard security company in Surrey, it will give you round-the-clock protection. 24X7 protection makes sure that your important belongings and confidential information remain safe.

4. Constant Monitoring:

The security guards perform constant monitoring of the premises to get advanced warning of any possible threat or criminal activity. The alarm response security guards also help to identify the possible security loopholes in the business areas, such as broken windows, doors, etc.

5. Robust Guard Alarm System:

Some alarm response security firms like Eagle Eye Security LTD offer a robust guard alarm system that is equipped with the latest technology like motion detectors, window and door sensors, tamper sensors on the telephone box, temperature sensors, and smoke detectors to enhance the protection of premises.

In case an intruder makes an endeavor to harm your system; these sensors are triggered and a signal is sent to the central monitoring station- via your telephone line or alternate transmission options. The first signal sent by your alarm control panel system will alert the monitoring personnel at the central station. The central monitoring station will get you notified through a call in order to confirm the trigger’s authenticity whether it was a real emergency or a false trigger.

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6. Comprehensive Security Services: 

Several companies have comprehensive security aforementioned equipment. With the help of these devices, they cater to well-integrated systems like alarm systems, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, security guards, and many more, in context to emergency situations. These effectively keep the record of all events that happen in the buildings.

7. Expertise:

Not all security companies in BC proffer licensed and certified security personnel. However, there are a few that do. Most security personnel are licensed and experts in the field of security who are well aware of various aspects such as how to monitor alarm and determine the need for response, follow-up, respond to an emergency alarm, communicate details of the incident, isolate emergency scene, manage an emergency situation.

Sometimes, it is impossible for small companies to afford to hire 24X7 security amenities. In these situations, you should follow the fire alarm response procedures provided by which are as under: –

If you hear a fire alarm signal: –

  • Consider following an emergency procedure for your building and area, if present.
  • Follow the instructions as you hear in the announcements on the public address system or the directives of personnel who is responsible to handle emergencies.
  • Evacuate or stand by and keep yourself vigilant as instructed on the public address system.
  • Follow the EXIT signs and use the stairs. Instead of using elevators, walk at a normal pace.
  • Wait outside in the designated assembly areas at least 200 feet or more away from the building as instructed.
  • Re-enter the building only after authorized emergency personnel announces “All Clear.”