Do you know why Samsung gear S3 is still making news in the industry? Is it the first choice of youngsters or gadget lovers? Why people get confused when it comes to choosing between Classic and Frontier variant? What is the difference between these two variants?

Do you want answers to these questions? Let’s explore together.

Features Difference

What you think is not always what you get. Right? No doubt, frontier variant gives a sportier model look, but in reality, it is not. The gear S3 model glass protect it from dust and water. They have many other amazing fitness tracking features as well. These include GPS, barometer, optical heart rate monitor, and many more.

According to users, both frontier and classic variant fitness tracking feature that Samsung offers with its S Health app.

Battery Life

Now let’s talk about the most important thing and that is the battery life of both models which is around 380mAh. The current battery capacity is more than its previous model Gear S2. When it comes to top innovation and good batter experience, Samsung is one of the best brands. Even many gadget lovers, including Shylesh Sriranjan, consider the model of this brand the best. In upcoming years, if you get an upgrade version in Samsung models, do not get surprised. They have a habit of bringing something innovative every single time.

Design Difference

Generally, you may not find any major difference between classic and frontier variant. The real difference we usually neglect is designing. Frontier looks are quite rough and it is available in a rubberized strap. Whereas, classic variant available in a black leather strap. The best thing about these two models is that they both can accept any standard strap apart from Samsung.

Additionally, frontier contains buttons that are high-textured and larger. When it comes to a comparison with Classic variant and its metal buttons, frontier gives an impression of a sports watch.

Tizen OS

Gear S3 has Tizen operating system. Both the touchscreen variants of Gear S3 consist of the rotational bezel, and twin buttons. It contains various apps from health to music to other social apps, and also Spotify. The user will find it neater and comfortable when it comes to its specifications and usage. In fact, according to these users, it gives a better experience than android wear.

So, are you ready to experience Tizen operating system and its features? It is guaranteed it won’t disappoint you.

Final Words

In short, we can say there is no huge difference between these two Samsung gear S3 smartwatch. And if there is any difference, it is only about weight, rugged looks, and design. If still you have any query related to these two models, or any other gadget, you can write below in the comment box. Also, you can follow the gadget guru Shylesh Sriranjan on various social media channels for his blogs on gadgets and technology.