If you decide to sell real estate, you can do it in a completely different and less expensive way. You no longer have to use the services of a broker, which involves paying a high commission, even a few percent. Currently, more and more people are interested in listing on MLS. What is it? What does it involve? Are the rates for such a service high?

  • Choose a package and list it on MLS!
  • Who handles the sale?
  • How to start with a flat fee MLS listing service

Choose a package and list it on MLS!

What does it mean that you can list on MLS? MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. A person interested in selling their property can post an ad in such a system or on such a website. In this way, the offer is available to all interested people – also on the websites of intermediaries and other business partners of the agency that provide such an option.

Individuals who want to sell a house or condominium share information and photos with potential buyers. The property is in a large database, and in this way its visibility on the website and its own chances of sale increase.

Buyers can search for their dream property in any location. Sometimes links to the page with the listed real estate offer are available on other websites, so many people can see it in a short period of time.

Who handles the sale?

With flat-rate MLS, the seller handles the clients on their own, makes appointments, talks about the sale, negotiates the terms, and shows them around the property.

You can adjust meetings with clients to your possibilities and free time. If you manage to sell the property, you do not pay a high commission, and all the money stays in the seller’s pocket.

It is very important to fill out the form carefully, add many interesting and attractive photos to the offer, an eye-catching description, and all the advantages of the selected location. This will increase the chances of selling.

How to start with a flat fee MLS listing service

The first step is to choose a package. Each agency can offer different listing options and different prices for such packages.

The flat fee listing fee is paid only once. Then the property appears on the agency’s website for a specified period, e.g. four months. Most often, such offers also specify the number of photos that can be added.

When choosing a more expensive package, sellers receive more promotion options. Their property can be promoted on additional websites.

In the most expensive packages, agencies also offer the possibility of promoting the seller’s photos and offer in advertising campaigns on social media, in virtual flyers, as well as at physical meetings and events. Sometimes they can also take care of planning meetings with buyers.