Many people like to get away from hectic city life for a weekend of fun.
Often we spend too much time with tech and not enough time with friends and family. Camping has always been one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with your family. If you live near Pune or Mumbai or are visiting for a short time, a Pawna Lake camping trip will provide that special escape you desire.

If you’re a visitor to India, most likely you didn’t even know that you could enjoy camping experiences outside the big cities. You’ll enjoy camping against the attractive backdrop of Pune and Mumbai India.

Many people have never been on camping trips and don’t know what to expect. You may think that you have to totally rough it—fish for your own food, cook your own food, or have no washroom facilities—but don’t worry, as Pawna Lake camping has staff who provide the meals, while you have
the fun.

There are clean washroom facilities at Pawna Lake so you don’t have to worry about hygiene when camping. The washrooms are always kept clean and are modern facilities that you’d expect if you were at home. But these are the only modern conveniences. But don’t worry, as you’ll still get to enjoy the more enjoyable aspects of camping. Sturdy and secure camping tents are set up for you on-site. You don’t have to worry about bringing your own camping gear. When going camping near Pune and Mumbai, you simply bring your backpack and your friends and family.

Just what should you bring with you when camping near Pune and Mumbai? Bring comfortable camping clothes, a mix of lightweight clothing and warmer clothing for the evening around the campfire. Bring toiletries and other conveniences with you.

Another great aspect of Pawna Lake Camping is the community atmosphere. Whether you decide to bring your friends and family or choose to arrive alone, you’ll make new friends during your stay here.

If you’re ever camped when you were younger, you likely enjoyed the big community spirit. People help each other at the camping site. There are also many activities which you can enjoy together. There are sports games, board games, and fitness activities. Some can be played alone, some with a partner, and some in teams.

Every evening after a BBQ dinner campers will meet around the campfire. This is a time to relax after a long day full of fun. Everyone can get to know each other and share stories—real or ghost stories! There may even be some singing happening, or other activities planned.

There are different camping sites at Pawna Lake. If you’re bringing your family, there is a family-friendly site. Women and children can feel comfortable when camping here, and there is also staff present at all times for security.

If you’re interested in learning more about camping near Pune and Mumbai, please visit our FAQs or go ahead and Book Now. We look forward to meeting you soon.