Motorcycles or sportbikes for those who like a little bit of speed and a lot of adventure, are both fun & dangerous to ride let alone without a helmet. But riding a bike is not all about fun. You have to be smart when it comes to your safety and the safety of the people on the road as well. It is important that you drive safely, respecting traffic rules and regulations and wear the proper protective gear.

One of the most important protective gear is the helmet. A helmet will prevent head, neck and facial injuries, should you encounter an accident. And with motorcycles, accidents are inevitable. You need to choose a helmet that is durable and will offer you the kind of protection that you need.

But even the best models and expensive styles will not amount to anything if you wear a helmet with the wrong fit. A helmet that is too loose will not protect you from any head injuries properly, and a tight-fitting helmet will be too cumbersome for you that you might not even end up wearing it.

When choosing the right helmet, it is essential that you have the right helmet size. You have to measure your head properly in order to do this. To figure out what your helmet size is, get measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your head, which is one inch above the eyes. Then, refer to the size chart of the particular brand you are buying and look for the size that corresponds to your head measurement.

Different brands may differ in terms of sizing but here is a reference guide: extra-small: 54-55 cm, small: 56-57 cm, medium: 58-59 cm, large 60-61 cm, extra-large: 62-63 cm, extra-extra-large: 64-65 cm, triple-extra-large: 66-67 cm and quadruple extra-large: 68-69 cm.

After determining your helmet size, it is important that you fit your helmet on. The proper fit is one that is snug with even pressure on the sides and top of the head. A helmet that fits properly will not move around your head and will not pull on your skin. Remember, wearing a helmet that is too big for you defeats the purpose of wearing one entirely.

That is why it is so important to actually try your helmet on before purchasing it. If you are going to purchase your helmet online, be sure that you have already tried that same model in a store and are really familiar with that brand’s sizing.

When fitting a helmet in a store, make sure you enlist the help of a sales assistant. Most of the helmets today have comfort linings that will make them feel way too tight initially. So do not think that you have to automatically go a size up. Wear the helmet on for a few minutes. Do not be ashamed to actually wear it inside the store and walk around for a few minutes.

When wearing the helmet, check if the visor of the helmet is a one-half inch above your eyebrows and that stays in its proper place even as you move and roll your head around.

A little time and care invested in choosing the proper size and fit of your helmet will save you a lot of headaches in the long run–literally and figuratively.