Well, it’s not that easy to maintain regular passive income but as you are our privileged readers you do not need to worry about finding ways to earn passively. We have don’t a hard job for you as we share with you our research on the best dividend stocks for passive income.

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra money? Rising inflation, delayed promotions and pay hikes and an increase in the average expenditure a person requires in modern times make passive income a must-have for any individual. But how to earn passive income? Is it easy to make money passively on a regular basis?

Investing in the stock market has been one of the most popular methods of earning extra income but to ensure that you earn regular passive income in terms of dividend payout we have created the list of best dividends paying stocks listed on the US stock exchange.

Just keep reading as we bring to you our exclusive content on the best dividend stocks which will be helpful in earning passive income.

Key Things to Know: Understanding Dividend paid by Companies

I know you might be eager to find the list of stocks in which one can invest and make regular money in the form of dividends, but we like to make our readers fully equipped with knowledge of how to keep selecting dividend-paying stocks even in the future. So hold on to your eagerness to know the best dividend-paying stocks and let’s first understand some key concepts involved with dividends.


For the uninitiated in terms of the stock market dividend is a form of cash payout to the shareholders of stocks that is decided to be paid to them in proportion to their shareholding. This payout is not a guaranteed cash flow of money one can get as it’s decided based on the profits of a company and its future growth plans.

Dividend Announcement Date

The date on which a company announces to pay a cash dividend to its shareholders is called the dividend announcement date.

Ex-Dividend Date:

It’s the date of finalizing the list of shareholders who are currently holding shares of the dividend-paying company at end of the day on the Ex-dividend date.

Payment Date: It’s the day of payment of the announced dividend by the dividend-paying company, usually money is electronically transferred to the shareholder’s bank account.

Dividend Payout: It’s defined as the total amount of dividend paid as a percentage of total earnings expressed in percentages.

Dividend Yield: It’s the ratio of dividend paid per share and share price expressed in the form of percentage and gives a rough idea of % the earnings one is able to earn by investing in the stocks of a company paying dividends.

This covers some of the key terminologies one should be aware of while looking to investment in dividend-paying stocks for passive income. Stay Tuned

One of the important concepts which we feel is a key understanding one should have before investing in dividend-paying Stocks For Passive Income is that if you are investing for earning passive income don’t get carried away by capital gain and losses and sell your holdings as once you sell a stock before ex-dividend date you will not receive a dividend payment.

Best Dividend Paying Stocks For Passive Income: In order of Highest Dividend Yield

Finally, we have arrived at the list of the best dividend-paying stocks.

Mesabi Trust or MSB: Dividend Yield: 16.92%

Newtek Business Services Corp Dividend Yield: 15.85%

Camping World Holdings Inc Dividend Yield: 10.42%

Southern Copper Corp Dividend Yield: 10.04%

Altria Group Inc Dividend Yield: 8.62%

Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc Dividend Yield: 8.55%

Pioneer Natural Resources Co Dividend Yield: 7.56%

Franchise Group Inc Dividend Yield: 7.13%

ONEOK Inc Dividend Yield: 6.74%

Devon Energy Corp Dividend Yield: 6.53%

Final Words…

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So what are you waiting for? Login to your trading accounts and start investing in these stocks and make regular passive income a habit.

Hopefully, you had a nice time reading this article and enjoyed it to your fullest, we would also like to recommend re-reading the key concepts about dividends to get a better insight of the key terminologies as you may often come across those terms while investing in dividend paying stocks.

However, we would like to warn our readers from investing the total amount of their investable assets into dividend-paying Stocks For Passive Income as there is no guarantee that the board of directors of the company will decide to pay dividends regularly.

Always look to diversify your stock portfolio and invest proportionately to the risk and reward you expect to gain from your investments. Hopefully, you would be able to carry forward the understanding, insights, and strategies of stock market investment in your life and earn well.

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