Having a website is really important for any business. It takes your business to the online world which helps to boost it remarkably. Your website is a 24/7 salesman and it has the power to keep your audience engaged with your brand. 

However, publishing a website isn’t enough, it must be developed very carefully so that users can find it easy and convenient to use. You should not forget to consider the user experience as it’s one of the crucial points which differentiate the good and bad website. Make sure that it doesn’t become a hurdle to attract the customers.

To overcome it people may use the readymade clone scripts to develop a website. For instance, if you want to make the same website like Fiverr then use the Fiverr script it will definitely give the best user experience to your visitors along with so many inbuilt features. 

It’s an alternate option if you don’t want to follow the cycle of development which usually takes a lot of time. So, let’s discuss how you can make your website with the best user experience to attract the customers.

01. Check the loading speed

The speed of the site is one of the most important points to enhance the user experience of your website. Users will not like to wait more than 3 seconds to load your webpage. It must be lightweight so that can be open in poor connectivity as well. 

It will be a frustrating experience for the visitor if they need to wait for longer than usual and may possible that they won’t visit again. If you’re going to develop a Fiverr clone from any readymade Fiverr clone script then make sure that it’s optimized for the speed and taking less time to load.

The solution of this problem is to minimize the images, videos, GIFs and other multimedia elements in your website as they are the only which takes more time to load. Moreover, you can minimize scripts and stylesheets and can use the content delivery network (CDN) and cache website resources. Hence, this is how you can alleviate the loading time of websites.

02. Use white spaces

Your website should not be complex, all the elements must be arranged very nicely. The white space plays a vital role in giving the best user experience. Make sure that you use it wisely, not less not much. Clever use of it gives your website a professional and eye-catching look.

Sometimes, website owners may think that it’s a waste of space, but the fact is that it’s a way to give your user a fantastic experience. Whatever the  Fiverr script you’re choosing make sure that it’s built with sufficient white space or else you can customize it as well. 

It has plenty of benefits like improves legibility, acts as a separator, makes your website more interactive and much more. Therefore it’s important to put some white space and enhance the user experience. 

03. Consistency

Consistency is really much important in a website. Throughout the website color, fonts, shapes, and many more aspects must remain the same, it’s an identity of your brand. 

Inconsistency in the website makes your users confused and impacts negatively. While using the Fiverr clone script for websites, you never need to worry about it, definitely it follows this concept. The header, footer, menu section must be the same on every page as they are the general part of the website. Thus, make sure you show consistency in the website to give a better user experience.

04. Mobile friendly

One of the most important factors is to give the world class user experience to the visitors. Your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive to get the best view in any size of the screen. As technology advances you also need to keep your website updated with current needs.

The rise of mobile users around the world makes it compulsory for you to make your website mobile-friendly so that any user visiting your website from it still gets the same experience.

For instance, if you’re going to develop a freelancing platform like fiverr then it must give your user the same experience on the mobile screen. It must automatically resize the layout of it. For that you can use the Fiverr script as it’s prebuilt with responsiveness. 

05. Better categorization

Many times users may not be able to find the exact information from the website if it’s not properly categorized. You must keep in mind this point that everything information is properly categorized. 

This will specifically be applicable for the eCommerce website. It consists of a lot of products of different categories, so it must be arranged very nicely. 

Wrapping up

A website is a mirror of what business you have. Even more, it can be the most significant factor in digital marketing. The promotion of a brand is really important these days. However, your website must give better user experience as well along with appealing design. So, the above-mentioned points will help you to enhance the user experience.