If you are facing trouble achieving pregnancy, then the term IVF must have come to your mind. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is defined as the treatment that incorporates the assistance of technology for making conception achievable outside the woman’s body. The main reason a couple has to opt for IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in India is infertility; a condition that causes trouble in the healthy attainment of pregnancy. It is a condition where a couple is not able to make a baby even after repeated attempts for about six months to a year. The problem has become widespread impacting millions of couples worldwide. Also, in India, more than 28 million people are affected by the disorder of infertility.

IVF is the most effective and popular fertility treatment whereby the couple has to undergo a procedure for achieving pregnancy in a technical way. It is a famous assisted reproductive technology method that includes combining and fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a laboratory setting. The treatment has proven to be effective for a number of infertile couples and has helped in fulfilling their dream of parenthood. IVF treatment is employed when other basic fertility treatments such as IUI or fertility medication have failed to produce positive outcomes. And also, there are other advanced assisted reproductive technology treatments performed in combination with IVF for ensuring better chances of conception such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, TESA, PESA, MESA, etc.

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How is IVF treatment executed?

The fertility specialists at the network hospital evaluate the condition of the patient before operating them for any type of fertility treatment. The woman is advised to prepare herself at least three months to the treatment. For preparing, the doctor recommends her to take a certain diet and avoid consuming alcohol or smoking as it helps in creating a healthy fertile environment inside the woman’s body.

At the beginning of the treatment at the top IVF centre, the doctor prescribes the woman take fertility medicines for triggering her ovaries to produce a sufficient quantity of fertile eggs. For confirming the maturity of the eggs, the doctor performs ultrasounds and lab tests for analyzing the condition of the woman ovaries. After ensuring that the eggs are ready to be taken out, the doctor performs egg retrieval where he picks out the eggs from the ovarian follicle with the help of a sharp needle. Then, it is time for semen collection. For collecting the sperms, the sperm donor or the father has to visit the clinic where he provides his semen sample for the process of fertilization.

The semen sample is thawed and washed in order to detect the best quality and motility sperms for the next step of the process. The obtained eggs and the sperms are mixed together in a culture dish in the lab. The sperms penetrate and fertilize the eggs and the fertilization leads to the formation of one or more embryos. The embryo remains in the lab for another 5-6 days as it has to mature and develop completely for getting transferred into the woman’s womb.

In the end, embryo transfer is done in which the embryo is implanted into the womb of the patient. For a healthy pregnancy to take place, it is important for the embryo to effectively attach to the uterine lining. After two weeks from the embryo implantation, pregnancy and blood tests are performed in order to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy.

Is IVF treatment the best option for you?

IVF is a suitable treatment option if you are infertile and looking for ways to get pregnant without undergoing the natural process of attaining conception. However, the doctor has to cautiously analyze the condition of the patient to see whether IVF will be the perfect treatment as it may not be effective in all types of cases of infertility.

Following is the list of candidates that have high chances of achieving conception through IVF.

  • Women with uterine problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, etc.
  • Women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Single women who wish to have a baby without the assistance of a male partner.
  • Men with low sperm count and poor sperm motility.
  • Men with ejaculation issues, erectile dysfunction, etc.

What makes us the best IVF centre in India?

The most important thing that increases the possibility of success in your IVF treatment is the IVF centre you choose for your fertility treatment. Our teams at the concerned IVF centre offers comprehensive care and assistance to the patient at each step of their treatment and are always there to answer their questions regarding the fertility treatment. We have the best IVF specialists, embryologists, surgeons, urologists, and other clinical specialists that work conjointly to ensure success in your fertility treatment. We also have a well-equipped lab and our fertility specialists use cutting-edge technological instruments for performing the fertility treatment. Our success rates for IVF treatment are the highest in the country, which is why international patients from developed nations prefer India for their medical tourism.