When it comes to branding and marketing of a product, one of the most important thing that is needed is Visibility. According to the rules of branding, the more visible a brand is to the customers; the more it will stay in the customer’s mind. This rule trickles down as the way of brand purchase, brand loyalty, and customer retention. These are the ultimate things a business requires to stay in the market and to grow at a sustainable rate.

Furthermore, digital media and especially social media has been helping businesses to grow and gain as much audience as the business can from all the portals, apps, and sites it has. To highlight the importance of visibility and to help the businesses see an evident growth in the revenues here are the top five digital media tools to increase the visibility of a brand.

1. Facebook: The Ultimate Way of Connecting People

Facebook is an app that has billions of users on it and every day the rate is only growing. This platform is a huge connecting platform for people to see and find things (products, services, brands, etc.) and for businesses to find a massive audience in one place.

The activities at Facebook happen in form of advertisements in popular groups, pages, or on individuals’ timelines. Businesses pay the groups or pages to advertise their products on their accounts, this way they are visible to a higher audience,

2. TikTok: The Game Changer

There has not been much time since this app was launched in the market, however, this has broken all the records of audience engagement and has ranked number one as the fastest growing app to gain an audience. On TikTok people cerate and recreate videos from popular movies scene or trending videos.

One single TikToker has millions of followers on his/her account and hence he/she makes a huge amount of money through them. You can pay them to promote your products on their pages. Imagine being able to be visible to millions of people in one go.

3. Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia. It is a source of authentic information to millions and the platform only seems to be growing in the near future. People Google about everything they are going to buy and therefore when a business creates a Wikipedia page, it is available to hundreds and thousands of people, and hence its visibility increases.

One has to manage the page with good content to make it appear on organic searches easily. The Wikipedia editing services could be used by the business anytime to keep the page updated and to have engaging content on the page.

4. Instagram: The Growing Reach

Instagram is a platform that was initially launched to share pictures and life moments with others. However, today, this has become one of the strongest digital media platforms for promotions and product visibility.

There are millions of people on Instagram and one single ad reaches millions in just seconds. Also, after the merger of Facebook and Instagram the app has become even more efficient.

5. YouTube: Broadcast Yourself

YouTube is the strongest source of influential marketing, where people follow channels and then businesses pay influencers to recommend and use their products in their respective videos. YouTube is the oldest among all the sources but it is the most impactful digital tool to be visible to people.

YouTube does not restrict a business to one region or country only, it allows global reach to businesses by providing them bloggers from around the globe.

These are all the top apps a business can use to be more visible to its targeted audience and the rest of the world.