Hamilton, the city of Ontario Canada is famous for numerous exciting features. This interesting city is waiting for you in the Ontario region Niagara Peninsula. Coming towards the historical part, Hamilton was totally different from how it looks today. It was just known as an industrial city which is why it used to be called a Steel town. As time passed, it changed its identity. Despite its industrial element, now it is known for creating art, beautiful sites, and mesmerizing waterfront. It is not wrong to say that besides being productive through the industrial area, Hamilton is succeeding as a tourist site also.

We have several reasons why Hamilton is slowly coming forward as a tourist site so let’s explore some of them. First of all, besides being attractive and worth seeing, there are numerous engrossing activities to do in Hamilton. There are several outdoor enjoyable activities for tourist recreation being a chief reason behind people’s love for Hamilton. Secondly, here comes a wide variety of almost all kinds of stuff for shopping. Besides this, then comes attractive attractions worth visiting such as its nightlife, beauty, and peace.

Following are the reasons why we should visit Hamilton city.

1. One of the famous Navy ships

If you love historical masterpieces, Hamilton is one of the best destinations. Here you can find out about the powerful HMCS Haida, a tribal demolisher. It’s a heroic ship in the sense that it was used in past wars like the cold, Korean, and the second world war making it super special. The most exhilarating part is that you can enjoy the self-guided tour to know much about it and explore a lot more secrets about it.

2. Home for Lions

African lion Safari park comes on the list of one of the most famous parks in the whole world as it includes about 100 different species of both animals and birds. It is built on 300 hectares consisting of 1000 homes for lions being a perfect vast destination for them. Good news for animal photographers as they can take attractive photographs of animals not in their cages but wandering openly in the park.

Animals that you can find here include rhinoceros, white lions, cheetahs, Egyptian goose, African lion, wildebeest, and cheerful birds also.

3. Captivating Art

Hamilton is famous for its amazing art for which it keeps winning the hearts of visitors. It is the destination of about 10,000 glorious artworks. That is why this spectacular gallery is the third largest gallery in Canada. Another characteristic is being Canada’s oldest art gallery visited by around 300,000 visitors every year.

The gallery is so vast that a person can easily explore Canadian, European, and contemporary art in a single spot. A perfect place for school informational visits. Moreover, what makes it comparatively the best is its glass pavilion, the sculpture atrium, and yearly exhibits.

4. A Heaven for Pizza lovers

It is not wrong to say that it is heaven for pizza lovers. It offers a huge range of pizzas with extraordinary toppings. Not only this, some spots offer specific country-style pizzas such as Italian, Chicago, and Roman style pizzas which are made 100% authentic by importing the toppings straight from the specific country. Their high-class taste, wide variety, and fine quality make them the Best pizza in Hamilton.

5. Exciting Festivals

If you are visiting Hamilton on your vacation, don’t ever miss its recreational and thrilling festivals. Although numerous festivals are celebrated every year, the festival of friends is given much importance. The reason is the largest and most free event. Secondly, everyone seems to get lost in the music in this era, so they love attending music events like this. Besides this, Hamilton’s fringe festival should never be missed by theater lovers.

Attention foodies! If you are a beer or wine lover. Hamilton’s festival with taste is going to fulfill your desire of tasting top vines and beers from different cities.

6. Interesting Shopping Centers.

Hamilton is quite famous for shopping in Canada. It is because of its fine quality fabric and textile making it one of the best shopping destinations. The best spots in Hamilton include Ottawa street, Westvale village, and Lime ridge mall. In addition to this, if you are quite voguish, it’s better to rush to the An caster and Westdale village for local wear. Lime Ridge and Square mall consists of a wide variety of shops and stuff.

7. Haunted Hamilton Ghost Walks

If you are a horror movie lover, experiencing haunted Hamilton ghost walks is a must for you. Walking through the dark alleys and buildings makes you feel like you are also a character in a horror movie and besides this, you learn about the dim past of Hamilton city. Halloween is the scariest tour you must add to the list when you are costumed too.

8. Majestic Castle

This neoclassical mansion of the 1930s is located on York boulevard. It is famous for its attractive and splendid greenery. Hamilton bought this masterpiece in 1900 and opened it to the public as Canada’s national historic sight. In addition to this, the Military museum and Cockpit theater give more reasons to wander about in the castle.

9. The Waterfalls

If you are planning to visit Hamilton, you must be aware of its waterfall beauty. It contains about 100 picturesque and breathtaking waterfalls, especially at Niagara cliff. Hamilton is home to amazing waterfalls including Great Falls, Sherman, Chedoke, Tiffany, Buttermilk, Borer, Albion, Webster’s, etc.

10. Ice Climbing

Another reason to visit Hamilton is for courageous and enthusiastic visitors. You would never want to leave that spot if you want to live like a free bird. If you are an expert rock climber, try visiting Hamilton in the winter season. It’s a great chance for climbers to experience ice climbing on the Niagara and Tiffany waterfalls.

But there are some exceptions, for instance, climbers must have permission from authorities or organizations and they must be experts by having classes.

Final Verdict

On the whole, we have come to the point that Hamilton must be added to the travel list if you are looking for a vacation destination. If you are a foodie, enthusiastic, party animal, or peace lover, Hamilton is waiting for you.