HP Petrol Full Form is short for Hindustan Petroleum Petrol. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is an Indian oil and gas company that was founded in 1974. HPCL is a state-owned entity, with the Indian government owning nearly 52% of its shares. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has a strong presence across India.

Products and Services

HPCL produces and markets a wide range of petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, lubricants, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

  • Petrol: HPCL markets its petrol through a network of retail pumps across India, catering to personal vehicle owners.
  • Diesel: The company also supplies high-speed diesel to retail pumps, terminals, and depots, serving personal vehicle owners, transport agencies, and industries.
  • Lubricants: HPCL is a market leader in lubricants and associated products, commanding over 30% of the market share in this sector. Its popular brands include Laal Ghoda and HP Milcy.
  • LPG: HPCL’s brand of liquefied petroleum gas, known as HP Gas, is widely used for domestic and industrial purposes across India.

Business Operations

HPCL operates two major refineries located in Mumbai and Visakhapatnam. In the financial year 2017, these refineries achieved a combined refining throughput of 17.81 million metric tonnes, with capacity utilization exceeding 113%.

The company has also invested in research and development, resulting in the development of the HP-HiGAS Unit, a commercial-scale unit for producing Euro III / IV Petrol (Motor Spirit). HPCL was an early promoter of alternate fuels, establishing CREDA-HPCL Biofuel Ltd (CHBL) as a subsidiary in 2008 to focus on biofuel production.

International Presence

HPCL has an international presence, exporting its lubricants to several countries, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Ecuador. HP Lubricants was the first Indian brand to enter the markets of Vietnam and Ecuador. The company has established new distributorships in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, the UAE, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


HP Petrol, representing Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, is a leading player in India’s oil and gas industry. With a diverse range of products, a strong market presence, and a commitment to innovation, HPCL continues to play a significant role in meeting the energy demands of India and expanding its reach globally.