After our parents, the one person who has helped shape our personalities and make us presentable in society is our teachers. A thoroughly devoted teacher to teaching their students can make legit put her heart and soul to make these kids the best version of themselves. These teachers are no less than gods, so much so that in India, a Guru or a teacher is usually kept in the shoes of a true god. For a teacher, his/her student’s success is their success.

Everyone has a teacher in their life who stands out from the rest with politeness, compassion, and fairness towards the students. Can you think of someone who has positively impacted your lives with the way they teach and just their overall outlook towards life? This year surprise them on their Birthday by flowers delivery in Bangalore. A teacher loves it when their students remember them as someone who guided them towards a better life. For all that he/she has done for you, a special birthday gift would never heart. Our teachers have a huge role in helping us reach where we are today, and we should always be thankful for this. But what to give them? Let’s find a few gifts that will be loved by your teachers this year on their Birthday.

Handmade Cards

 Handmade gifts are always the special ones, and they require the efforts and time of an individual that are too rare these days. A handmade card may require a lot of time from your end, but it will be the best one that your teacher will receive on their Birthday. A handmade card goes a long way in making your bond with the recipient more strong. You can experiment with your ideas and let your creativity shine while making this card. You can add school pictures and picnics that you had with the whole class to make her smile instantly.


 Many teachers love diving into novels as their favorite pass time and if you think your teacher is among those, get them a novel or maybe a series of them. To choose the right one, you can get something related to their subject, such as for an economics teacher you can get the biography of a famous economist and so on. You might have to think and research a lot while zeroing in on that perfect novel, but it will all be worth it in the end.

A Customized Video

 With modernization comes changes in every walk of life, including gifting traditions. If you think of some gift that can be saved for years together, then a customized video might be the option for you. For this, you can reach out to the students taught by your teacher and get their wishes individually through social media sites. Then you can combine all of them to create a short video for your teacher as their birthday present.


 Plants are a beautiful gift to give to the people that you care for. Plants imply greenery and blessings that are other indicators of good health and long life. It is studied that people who are surrounded by greenery have happier day-to-day lives than those who don’t. So get your favorite to teach some plants that they can decorate in their homes or their backyards. To make this even more special, try gifting them flowering plants so that they get a hint of color and fragrance from your gift in their homes.


 For ages, flowers have been an important part of the gifting tradition. They act as a way to express our feelings towards the ones that mean the most to us. If you respect your teacher from the core of your heart, you can send birthday flowers online. Flowers can be gifted as a token of respect and love towards your teacher. To make this online gift even more interesting, you can add a special note to the bouquet to make it a memorable one.

Let your teachers know how well respected they are and that whatever good they have taught you is ingrained in your hearts as a life lesson. All their scolding and love was for a reason. While we were younger, we despised our teachers so much because we usually couldn’t understand the motive behind the scolding and all the strictness. This year on your best teacher’s birthday, send flowers to Bangalore Online and pair them up with a delicious cake from an online store. Your teacher will be on cloud nine, knowing that you still value her even after so many years.