Every motorist knows that there are certain parts in a vehicle that needs weekly checks and regular maintenance. Oil needs to be changed regularly, tires need to be replaced, wiper blades need to replaced as the season changes. But there are some components of a vehicle that are often ignored and omitted, such as transmission. Transmission is one of the crucial and complicated systems of any vehicle. So herewith Mantrans – a preeminent transmission business company, let’s find out what transmission does and why it is important to maintain.

What is transmission and what it does?

A transmission is a component of a vehicle that is comprised of complex and several parts. It is what shifts the gear of the engine and delivers the power of the engine to the wheels in order to push or move the vehicle ahead. In simple words, we can say that the transmission acts as a middle man between wheels and a vehicle’s engine. There are two types of transmissions, Manual and Automatic. A vehicle having a Manual starts with the first gear, gains speed, then shift to second gear and further the process of gaining speed goes on with the remaining gears. The same goes with Automatic, but the gears are shifted automatically with the acceleration.

Transmission plays an indispensable role in our vehicle. As mentioned above that it is constituted of several complex parts that make a vehicle move ahead. So these various parts also need some maintenance. The transmission fluid inside facilitates cooling and lubrication, so it needs to be changed regularly so that the vehicle may run smoothly.  If not changed on time, then the dirty fluid may lead to various problems such as loss of acceleration, problems in gear shifting, and in worst-case scenarios total transmission failure.

How to maintain a transmission?

Firstly, it is important to read the vehicle’s manual guide provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The manual guide will let you know each and everything about the vehicle. And in case if you face difficulty, then here are some of the simple steps that will help you to maintain a healthy transmission.

Check your transmission fluid

Checking the transmission fluid is as simple as checking the oil. If you find that the fluid is dirty then you need to replace it immediately.

Use the right type of fluid

The fluid that must be used must match your transmissions requirements. You can find the right type of fluid by reading the manual guide of the vehicle.

Mantrans | What transmission does and why it is important to maintain

Completely stop your vehicle before shifting gears

Shifting gears inappropriately cause a lot of strain on a vehicle even it may cause loss of acceleration and failure of gearbox. So be careful while shifting one gear from another.

Replace the transmission filter

Some cars with automatic transmissions also rely on a filter to help catch excess fluid and to regulate the pressure of the fluid. So regularly have a check on the filters and replace them accordingly.

According to Mantrans, this is how a transmission works and why it is important to maintain it. For any type of queries regarding transmissions, one can leave a comment in the comment section below. We will put up our knowledge together and will definitely answer your queries.