When His Eyes Opened is a romance novel about a young woman who wins back her fiancé after he wakes up with amnesia and believes he is still married to his ex-wife. The novel has been praised for its strong characters, heartwarming romance, and suspenseful plot.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the novel:


  • Strong characters
  • Heartwarming romance
  • Suspenseful plot


  • Some readers may find the plot predictable
  • The novel can be slow at times

Overall, When His Eyes Opened is a well-written romance novel that is sure to please fans of the genre.

About the Novel

When his eyes opened’ is basically a story about a marriage of convenience. It involves a billionaire male lead, Elliot Foster, and a normal female lead, Avery Tate. The union of the couple was an arranged one and was rife with misunderstandings. This is quite a common occurrence in novels with this theme.

But this is to be expected and normal because the couple are strangers and don’t know each other. Hence, they will bicker and there will be tension among them. However, this story is quite unique and didn’t follow the normal plot of arranged marriages.

The male and female leads

The male lead, Elliot, is a ruthless, cruel, self-centered, and selfish man who is not above threatening his children. He doesn’t have a sense of guilt either and doesn’t bat an eyelid when it comes to using people to get what he wants.

While the female lead is a gentle, independent, and strong woman who values family ties. This is why she fell for her stepmother’s coercion to marry Elliot.

Start of the story

In the beginning, the female lead’s stepmom forced her to marry Elliot, a business mogul. This was to help out her father’s business, which was on the verge of going bankrupt. And it was only Elliot that could save her family. But there came a plot twist.

Elliot, her soon-to-be husband, was in a coma when Avery was forced to marry him. This means, even though her marriage was done in the real sense, it was a bit odd. Later on, Elliot suddenly became conscious and wanted to know he got married while he was unconscious. He threatened to make life difficult for Avery.

The beginning of Avery’s woes

Avery became afraid and panicked when she saw that Elliot was awake. Elliot’s threat to deal with her traumatized her, and she realized it was time to face her fears.

Her fears stemmed from knowing that it wasn’t right to marry an unconscious man without his permission. Yes, she was forced to marry Elliot, but he didn’t know that, and neither did he believe her. It was then Avery discovered that Elliot is much more cold and emotionless than she imagined.

Years later

In the blink of an eye, four years had passed after Elliot woke up. But Avery had only ever done one thing: keep her children away from their father. She was afraid Elliot would transfer his hatred, anger and aggression to her children.

Avery knew without a doubt that Elliot was ruthless and could be dangerous when he wanted to be. So she tried to stop it and protect her children. But her actions backfired because her children didn’t listen to her.

How did it backfire?

Her kids went behind her back to confront their father and threaten him. This showed how independent, strong, and fearless they are, however, Avery didn’t appreciate these traits. It seems her lessons on cautiousness fell on deaf ears.

To her, Elliot might take the kids the wrong way and use his power to suppress them. As a result, Avery kept thinking of ways to protect the kids

Later chapters

When he opened his eyes’ extends to several hundred chapters. Several chapters later, Elliot and Avery’s children grew up into adulthood. One of the kids, Layla, fell in love with a guy Elliot didn’t approve of. Elliot was sure the guy, Eric, isn’t right for Layla and is manipulating her.

Avery and Layla think otherwise. Avery supported Layla’s decision and trusted her daughter to do the right thing. And according to Layla, she feels secure with Eric, something her parents didn’t give her while growing up. Both Avery and Elliot had different opinions about Layla’s relationship with Eric.

In the end, Elliot backed out of the argument and gave his consent unwillingly.

After the argument

Seeing that her father had stopped arguing with her mom about Eric, Layla turned to her sibling to seek her opinion. Hazel, Layla’s sibling, admitted that Eric is a handsome guy and popular with her classmates.

Then Layla said she wasn’t attracted to Eric because of his physical attributes. She was attracted to his good character. It was at that point Hazel reminded Layla that Eric is in a relationship and Layla confirmed she knew.

Chapter release schedule

The writer releases two chapters of ‘When he opened his eyes’ simultaneously every day. Sometimes, the writers upload only one chapter. The chapter schedule and updates depend on the writer’s mood.

To read the uploaded chapters, go online and check any online book reading site. You can read some of the earliest chapters for free, while the others are on a pay-to-read basis. You mostly need to pay to buy coins to unlock the next chapter.


When he opened his eyes’ is an intriguing, captivating, and suspense-filled story that will enchant you to read more. The writer did a good job of interweaving the chapters and connecting them together to make a great story.

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