cPanel is also known as the control panel is one of the best tools for website management.

It provides a set of control to manage your website domain name, FTP account, Server Settings, setting up emails and backups, etc. cPanel makes your website and server management easier.

It is the software that offers a graphical user interface and automation tools to host and manage the website. It does not require much technical know-how of coding languages so you do not face any typical challenges to work with cPanel.

Why cPanel is Popular?

cPanel has become popular because of the features and advantages which includes: –



cPanel is highly compatible as it can work on different web browsers like chrome and opera it also allows space for different plugins and extensions.

User Friendly

cPanel comes with easy to use graphical user interface also it does not require much coding language and technical know-how.


Site management platforms are quite expensive. As in cPanel various sites are placed together for their management which reduces the cost of acquiring the cPanel. Hence, cPanel is a cost-effective tool.


As security is the key concern in the technology industry. cPanel offers two-factor authentication and contains the latest security feature to protect your privacy.

Installation Option

Pre-installed options in cPanel reduce the time spent on the installation of various software. You can install CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress with ease.

cPanel has lots and lots of features that are not known by many people. Here in this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 things about cPanel you might not be aware of:-

File Management and Backup

cPanel allows you to manage your files and folder easily than using a File Transfer Protocol. You can manage all your files by using the graphical interface of c-Panel.

  • If you use c-Panel for your website then there is no need to set up an FTP Connection either you can create additional username and passwords.
  • You can create, modify and delete the files by using the c-Panel interface. If your data is deleted by mistake then c-Panel offers you a feature of trash from where you can easily restore your important files.
  • c-Panel also comes with a feature of the backup wizard by using this feature you can easily get the backup of your web hosting account.
  • You can restore your important files, database, and email configuration easily. You get the choice of selecting full or partial backup with selecting the restoring type.

cPanel Addons 

c-Panel allows you to control multiple domains with a single web hosting account. You can manage DNS setting, add and publish domains, set up redirects as soon as your website gets completed.

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It means if you have a web hosting account that consists of more than one domain including .com .in .uk of the same domain or we can say the extra domain can be added to the webspace without facing any hassle.

You get the feature of changing the root folders or directories of additional domains which ultimately allows you to manage different websites from a single web hosting website.

Bandwidth Protection and IP Deny Manager       

c-Panel comes with one of the best features of hotlink protection which works when someone tries to link your file and use your bandwidth.

This mostly happens when someone tries to link the URL of a file present over a web hosting account that displays on their website.

This means if any visitor visits the website for downloading that file your bandwidth will be used. Hotlink protection of c-Panel can protect your bandwidth from stealing.

Cybercrime is at the peak today. Cybercriminals try to harm your services by doing malicious activities like spamming.

To prevent these attacks, you can block them by restricting access to your website. Just block their IP address by using IP Deny Manager. This restricts them to access your files and folders present over your webspace.

Web Disk and Error Log

This feature of c-Panel allows you to manage your files at ease. You can add, move or edit the files you wish you just like you do on your personal computer.

For doing this you just need a special file and follow some basic steps. By use of this feature, you can update in real-time.

Error log comes with another feature of cPanel it shows the last 300 errors of your website all you need to do is log in to your cPanel account and go to metrics and then to the error which contains missing files and broken links.

This feature of c-Panel helps you to identify and solve the errors present over your website so that you can run your website more effectively and efficiently.

So, this allows you to track the data and time of the visitors which helps in solving the error to some extent.

Password Protection

Protecting your files, folder and directories have become an important part. cPanel comes with string security and data protection features.

Directory password protection allows you to set a password to all your files and folder. This makes it easy to restrict the unauthorized access of unknowns. Moreover, Only authorized person who has login credentials can access those file to the fullest.

Same goes with the mail there are chances when you wanted to access your emails and you are not having your system. cPanel provides you webmail security where you can easily set the security patches by setting and enabling the passwords.

To access your mail you just need a device with an internet connection and login details and you can access your mail from any corner of the world.


cPanel is one of the best tools to manage your website. It has a powerful user interface which enables a user to control and run their online presence.

This web-based tool is helpful to manage multiple domains by having a single web account. cPanel is easy to use as this does not require any coding language. However, this is the best solution to provide a better user experience for your visitors.