Thomas Plouff Attorney, a Chicago based Personal Injury Attorney explores things that can negate the outcome of your accident claim and ways to ensure you get the fair compensation you deserve.

The physical pain, the psychological trauma, the financial challenges, and even obstruction of daily activities and routine. Being injured in a car accident is definitely no joke and something to be taken seriously, yes, if it will involve filing for a personal injury claim. While you have all the right to bring it to justice and request for compensation, the insurance companies are not in your interest and will likely come up for an attack.

Therefore, there are certain mistakes you should never commit when you opt for a personal injury claim. Read on as Tom Plouff Attorney walks you through the things you should never do if you want to apply for the accident claim.

1. Not Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

Even if you don’t have enough finances, seeking medical attention immediately is important for your health as well as when pursuing your claim says Thomas Plouff Attorney. This is because insurance companies might claim your pain is a result of underlining sickness, not the accident. However, visiting a doctor will serve as evidence that the pain was a result of the accident. When an accident occurs, visit a hospital immediately, get medical attention, make necessary documentation, and follow-up for appointments.

2. Not taking a proper record of the Accident Scene

How can you claim for a personal injury when there is no record or information showing the true picture of the accident scene? Proper documentation will serve as concrete evidence at the lawsuit, hence, it is important to call the police immediately an accident happens to take a record of the scene. Take as many photos of the scene, the damages, your injuries, and every other information that can be useful. Don’t let the negligent party or insurance company have anything against you to weaken your claim.

 3. Not Providing the True Information of Accident and your Injuries

When you have an accident, you are hurt, in pain, and as lose a lot of things. Providing the wrong information at that point will make the situation worse. “The easiest and quickest way to destroy your personal injury claim is not providing the true information of the accident and your injury,” says Tom Plouff Attorney. “Deceit will make all your claims false and irrelevant and can be destroyed instantly when they found out you provide the wrong information about the accident including everything that happens both before and after the accident,” he adds, Therefore, if you are worried about the outcome when you give the true information, a good personal injury attorney can help you to prepare and analyze your report.

 4. Not Hiring or Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney Immediately

After an accident, the insurance company often send an insurance adjuster to investigate the scene and get information from witnesses. Beware of them as they tend to take advantage of you after the accident when you don’t have a personal injury attorney. Before you answer or sign any document brought by them, make sure you have a personal injury attorney beside you to guide and walk you through the whole process.

5. Not Reporting to the Police

People feel you don’t need police because they sign up for insurance that has promised to handle all things says Thomas Plouff. Although they might sound genuine, it is essential to contact the police and report any accident. This report is important and is useful in an accident claim.