You might have encountered the ‘matchmaking’ term before? What does it rely upon? The answer can differ from person to person. Some might say it is leveraged in dating apps while others might believe it is a deep learning algorithm. Well, both can be true. AI event matchmaking software is used almost everywhere to collect data from the candidates and create a whole personalized experience, all in a matter of a few seconds. 

Artificial intelligence is not new in the industry, experts have been using this technology for a very long time. Hence, with the advancement of this networking software, there has been no room left untouched which indicates its importance in the digital event landscape as well. While many of you might know how artificial intelligence matchmaking tools work in a virtual event platform, it is important to keep yourself updated and let the rest know about its benefits. So for the non-expertise, this blog will help you understand why AI matchmaking is used in a virtual environment and also know its benefits that may help in improving attendee engagement and business outcomes. Its importance will also be covered in the segments below. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What is AI matchmaking software?

Artificial intelligence to put it simply is a device that is used to solve difficult algorithmic problems through the actions of human entities and their task performance. The concept of AI matchmaking has been explained more deeply and clearly by a few experts stating that- “AI matchmaking uses the information provided by human beings to the machine in an easy format, this data is then used to perform tasks that require problem-solving, perception, reasoning, and learning.”

In short, it is the replica of human intelligence into machines.

If the concept is still unclear, here’s an easy example: every one of you has heard of Alexa or Netflix offering you recommendations on what to watch next? These concepts are based on AI. 

According to AI specialists and experts, it is predicted that the market of AI is going to expand in the next few years which will automatically raise its demand in the event industry. If you haven’t yet realized, AI has almost become an integral part of our lives and has completely changed our way of doing chores without us even realizing it. 

While gathering data, AI requires an ample amount of information to derive and analyze the data you have been looking for. Once the job of the software is done, it comes up with predictions, valuable patterns, and recommendations for your future events. To learn more about this brilliant tool, let’s have a look at some of the benefits provided by AI-matchmaking for a better networking experience during an online event. 

Benefits of AI-Powered Matchmaking 

AI and networking both are complicated concepts that can make you come up with huge question marks. For instance, how AI-based tools will match two ideal people with similar interests, or how will the tool analyze if there is any activity done by attendees, and what is the process that brings two people together?

To answer all your questions, let’s get down to a deeper level of understanding through the AI-Powered benefits listed below.

1. Recommendations and Data Analytics

As mentioned earlier, AI gathers all the information provided by attendees and then presents its recommendations of similar mindset individuals to the participants in terms to create better interaction and engagement amidst audiences. 

To give a clear understanding take the following example: if you are willing to know why attendees find your event engaging or what is the reason behind attending your event in the first place, AI software can offer the exact details of each attendee which will answer all your questions effectively and also within a fraction of time. 

Now if you want your attendees to have a fun and seamless experience at your event, design the best possible recommendations for them to leverage their networking opportunities. 

2. Analysis of previous actions 

AI matchmaking is induced for the betterment of event organizers as it does all the tasks on their behalf. It offers efficient and noteworthy networking while also improving the relevancy and quality of your matchmaking attendees. To give each attendee their right matches, this tool analyses the choices made by attendees in their previous event and mix their current actions with their past for better networking opportunities. 

3. Logistics

After attendees can draw the best suitable matches, AI’s next role is to schedule a meeting with interested participants without any indulgence of event organizers. 

Looking from a common management perspective, if any attendee wishes to get in contact with a sponsor, exhibitor, or speaker- event hosts were asked to book or schedule meetings, and give them a follow-up on these appointments. Now imagine, if your platform holds limitless attendees, the job role of one single organizer can be a nightmarish task. But thanks to AI matchmaking software, attendees no longer have to wait for their turn to get in contact with hosts, they can simply do all the credentials by themselves. It also improves our overall planning proceedings in a more impactful and captivating way. 

4. Efficiency of Networking

The efficiency of networking has increased exponentially especially in recent times. It has enabled organizers as well as attendees to reach out to people through a wider scope of AI matchmaking software. Today, many experts have agreed to the fact that AI-based tools have helped them communicate effectively, build powerful connections, and generate qualified leads without any hindrance. 

5. Higher Interest and Engagement

The amalgamation of AI and networking can truly level up your attendee’s engagement and intrigue them to participate more at your event. According to stats: audience engagement has tremendously increased after their networking opportunities have taken a positive turn and given them loyal leads. Not just that, organizers can maximize their revenue and generate better ROI within a fraction of the costs.

Why is AI matchmaking in Events Important In 2021?

Looking at the benefits that AI networking software offers to its customers it won’t be wrong to declare that it is the future of the event industry. As technology keeps on advancing, we will see a sharp rise in the number of virtual events taking advantage of this valuable data-collecting device. 

As digital events are only moving forward, there will be more demand to meet the needs of a remote workforce across the nation. Seeing the current pandemic crisis, it is fair to say that physical events are not going to return any sooner. Hence the near future is expected to build virtual event platforms. 

Virtual events have made life convenient and people who were once skeptical about digital components, now seem to be satisfied and happy going virtual. To keep them feeling this way, it is important to explore and welcome the new trends and tactics to offer attendees an exhilarating experience throughout! 


As technology has taken the world into the ocean of new experiences and innovation, it is us who should continue to learn new trends and keep ourselves up-to-date. With that being said, the competition for providing the best event experience has skyrocketed, hence it is important to know your market to choose the right platform for your event. 

With more and more tech-savvy tools emerging, it is the right time to get adapted and level up our game to deliver more successful AI-backed events in the future.