The battle with alcohol addiction doesn’t end with a treatment program. You may also need to continue with support groups to stay clear of the path that takes you back to alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings are an incredible way to meet and socialize with people who are on the same journey of achieving sobriety as you are. But if you have never attended a 12-step program for addiction recovery before, the first meet-up may seem a little intimidating to you. Here we have shared a few tips that may help you become a member of the new group.

Speak in the first person

Like you, all members of the group are there to recover from addiction. Rather than using statements that use second-person pronouns, it’s best to keep them to the first person. Always use “I or us” whenever you speak to the group.

Speak to all the members

While sharing stories and opinions, it’s common for us to look at the same person or selected people. But you are a part of an open environment where everyone is present to share their stories and know about your journey. Engage every person in the group in your discussion. It will not make anyone in the group feel excluded from the conversation.

Wait for your turn

Becoming a part of a support group means listening to other person’s struggles with alcohol addiction and their success stories of achieving sobriety every day. When you get to the floor, keep your sharing time only to three to four minutes and let members share their journey. If anyone is not feeling comfortable enough to share their feelings and opinions, go ahead and tell your story to motivate them to speak up without hesitation.

Make the most out of your meeting

Recovering from addiction is overwhelming. If you are a part of a support group, it’s best to make the most out of it. Arrive a few minutes early to the meeting and communicate with other members. This early conversation will you know each other better.

Pay attention to others

In a meeting, you have to be attentive while others share their stories. Avoid using restrooms when they are speaking. Stay on your seat as long as possible and make others feel comfortable as they speak.

These are a few things to keep in mind if you attend a 12 step program for addiction recovery. You can attend meetings either in person or online. Connecting with others ignites a sense of feeling that you are alone in the journey of addiction recovery. If you don’t believe in god, you can look for atheist alcoholics anonymous meetings. Another remarkable way to achieve sobriety one day at a time is to listen to alcoholics anonymous speakers like Bill Wilson.