Alyssa Jane Ashton, best known as the daughter of the late American singer Leslie Carter and her husband Mike Ashton, has grown up over the years. Despite her young age, Alyssa has piqued the curiosity of her mother’s devoted fans, who remain fascinated by her life ten years after Leslie’s death.

Alyssa Jane Ashton lives in Canada with her father Mike. Unlike her famous uncles, rappers and singers Nick and Aaron Carter, Alyssa prefers to keep a low profile and rarely appears in public. Not much is known about Alyssa Jane Ashton as she leads a very reclusive life, but in this article we would like to share with you some aspects of her life that are known. Read more.

Birth, Age and Parents 

Previously mentioned, Alyssa Jane Ashton is the sole daughter of the late Leslie Carter and her husband Mike Ashton. She is also the niece of Nick Carter, a prominent American musician and member of the renowned group Backstreet Boys. In a previous period, Leslie Carter and drummer Mike Ashton crossed paths and embarked on a romantic relationship.

They eventually went one step further and married in 2008, after which the couple relocated to Toronto, Ontario, and joyfully welcomed the birth of their daughter Alyssa Jane Ashton on 10 August 2011. According to Us Weekly reports, the couple exchanged vows on 12 September 2008. Alyssa’s maternal grandparents are Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth Carter. Sadly, her grandfather Robert passed away on 16 May 2017 at the age of 65.

The Life Story of Leslie Carter- Mother 

Leslie Carter, a talented American singer, was born on June 6, 1986 in Tampa, Florida. She is widely known as the younger sister of Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys. Her parents, Jane Elizabeth Carter and Robert Carter, played significant roles in shaping her life. Leslie had four siblings: Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, Angel Carter, and BJ Carter. Tragically, her promising life was cut short, leaving behind her beloved daughter, Alyssa Jane Ashton.

A Heartbreaking Loss at a Tender Age

Leslie Carter’s daughter, Alyssa Jane Ashton, entered this world in the same year that marked a turning point in her mother’s life. In 2011, Leslie sought treatment at a youth rehab facility in LaVerkin, Utah, but unfortunately did not complete the program. Just ten months after Alyssa’s birth, Leslie Carter passed away on January 31, 2012, at her father’s residence in New York. She was only 25 years old. Alyssa, still an infant, was deprived of the opportunity to experience her mother’s love.

The Tragic End and Mental Struggles

Leslie Carter’s untimely demise occurred under distressing circumstances. While visiting her father, Bob, and stepmother, Ginger, in New York, Leslie complained of feeling unwell while taking a shower. Tragically, she collapsed and never regained consciousness.

Leslie was taken to Westfield Memorial Hospital in Westfield, New York where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. Her death was attributed to an overdose of prescribed medications, including olanzapine, cyclobenzaprine, and alprazolam. Reports suggest that Leslie battled depression, with her mental health issues stemming from disappointment in her career aspirations.

During her struggle, Leslie’s brother, Aaron, offered to finance her treatment. Despite his efforts, the necessary assistance could not reach her in time. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Aaron disclosed his intent to provide financial support for Leslie’s rehabilitation.

Regrettably, his offer came too late. Leslie’s family blamed Nick Carter for her tragic fate, leading to his absence at her funeral. On February 6, Leslie’s funeral took place at Freay Funeral Home in Mayville, New York, attended by approximately 60 mourners. She was laid to rest in Chautauqua Cemetery.

Leslie Carter’s Musical Journey 

In 1999, Leslie Carter embarked on her musical career, signing a record deal with Dreamworks Records to work on her debut album. Initially slated for release in June 2000, the album faced delays as the record company sought to gauge Leslie’s fanbase and ensure its success.

Her debut single, “Like Wow!”, was eventually released and reached No. 99 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song also found a place as the third soundtrack for the movie Shrek. Anticipation built for the album, scheduled for release on April 10, 2001. However, it never saw the light of day as the record label canceled its release due to issues arising during the production of Leslie’s debut music video.

Despite the album’s cancellation, promotional copies of the album surfaced on the internet, earning praise from critics. Metal Mike Saunders of The Village Voice even hailed it as “the best bubblegum album of the entire ’97-Y2K era.” Leslie, the mother of Alyssa Jane Ashton, embarked on a small club tour in Canada in December 2005, hoping to secure a new record deal. On January 19, 2006, she performed a showcase in New York City.

During the tour, Leslie showcased a departure from her usual bubblegum-pop genre, embracing a more mature, pop-rock-oriented sound. She formed the band called The Other Half, consisting of talented backup musicians such as Mike Ashton, Casey Clowater, DJ Porter, Paul Davidson, and Dave Thompson.

During the period when she established her own musical band, Leslie Carter ventured into the realm of television with her appearance on the family reality show titled “House of Carters.” Spanning eight episodes, the show provided an intimate glimpse into the lives of the Carter family as they endeavored to rebuild their connections and strengthen their bonds.

Mike Ashton- The Father 

Mike Ashton, a skilled drummer by profession, crossed paths with the late Leslie through their mutual involvement in the now-dissolved music group, The Other Half. While Mike primarily resides in Canada and has maintained a low profile since Leslie’s passing, details about his current occupation remain elusive. However, in 2019, he garnered attention when he obtained a restraining order against his former brother-in-law, Aaron Carter.

Beyond these public incidents, limited information is available about Mike’s personal life. As of 2023, he embraces a contented married life with his second wife, with whom he also shares children, although specific details about their relationship are kept private.

Bottom Line

Alyssa Jane Ashton’s life has been shrouded in mystery despite her status as the daughter of late American singer Leslie Carter and Mike Ashton. Although Alyssa is the niece of famous rapper and singer Nick and Aaron Carter, she rarely makes public appearances. Her mother, Leslie Carter, was a talented singer who battled depression before passing away at the age of 25, leaving behind her infant daughter.

Although Leslie’s musical career was cut tragically short, she managed to release a single that was featured in the movie Shrek. The article provides a closer look at Alyssa Jane Ashton’s past and present, including details about her parents and family.