If we generally talk about Pakistan, those who come here for the first time only look upon the best travel apps in Pakistan or the best booking app in Pakistan. They come here to explore things that are only possible through proper guidance on the related apps in Pakistan.

However, they neglect the fact that they usually don’t consider the best video calling apps that also provides them a reliable service to connect with their family when they are touring Pakistan. It’s also apparent that Islamic country like UAE doesn’t allow video calling services within their territory so that people might think Pakistan as the same.

However, the list of video calling apps that are ruling around the world also has a lot of influence in Pakistan as well. People in Pakistan also use these apps for various purposes, and you will also get to know about such apps in a while below.

As you know, all smartphones come with a back and rear camera.

The rear camera made it supper effective for you to perform video chat or conference with your loved ones at the same time. So without any further delay, the following are the apps that you should consider that’s famous across the world because of their video calling services without any distortion.

  1. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is a widely-used social app around the globe. At the start, people use to post images and talk on the status with their friends or family members.

But as time passes, Facebook made up-gradation to provide chat options, voice note options, and then video calls also become one of their core feature in the app.

Facebook messenger is an individual application that links with Facebook to manage the contacts and made it possible for you to perform any communication in it. Messenger is a calling app that you can use with an Internet connection across the world without feeling any distortion. People in Pakistan also use this app at a larger scale for different purposes.

Besides that, you can video chat with your loved ones using Facebook messengers on any device, including Mobile, Laptop, Computer, and tablet.

  1. Skype:

Skype was one of the first Video, Audio, and Video conference call platform introduced by Microsoft.

Although there are few others who started provided such services, they are the most reliable ones for providing this service and people also use it the most. This video calling application can be access from anywhere in the world on both android and IOS platforms. You are not only limited to talk with a single person, as skype allows you to do conference calls.

Another benefit of this video app is that it provides you the service for free, but there is an internet connection required to access this service.

Moreover, you will not feel any distortion or delay by using this app. unless the internet connection signal-strength is not stable.

  1. Google Duo:

Google-Duo is one of the Latest Video Calling App released by Google for its users. The app requires a simple step to connect by entering your mobile number.

There is no “Create An Account” process required for this app to use. The only drawback of this app at the current time would be the limited amount of users. However, you can invite them after installing this app to stay connected with them.

It offers you the feature to talk with eight persons on a conference call at the same time. This app provides one of the quality video calls and video conferences without any delay and distortion.

Moreover, google-duo also has a web interface, so you can also use it on tablets, Laptops, and Computers as well. Last but not least, this app is available for both android and IOS users.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is a child app of Facebook, which is acquired by the Facebook owner in 2014. It first started as a free text messaging app that works through the internet.

They started upgrading the app and lead it to a point where users can now video chat as well. There is currently the option for four peoples to video chat with each other at the same time.

You can first call a single person and then add further two more peoples to make it a conference call. Hypothetically, it may upgrade to add more peoples in the list for increasing the members of the conference call.

WhatsApp only entertains its users to video calls on mobiles. There is a WhatsApp web interface where you can send or receive messages and files, from your computer. WhatsApp doesn’t charge a single rupee from you to talk with others, but it only requires an internet connection.

You can use its feature anywhere across the world on mobile without any delay and distortion.

  1. Line:

With over 500 million active users, this video calling app is the one that you shouldn’t neglect. You can send or receive messages, and make a video call for free.

You only need a stable Wi-Fi signal strength to talk without having any delay or distortion.

The fantastic thing about this app is that it allows you to add different filters while video calling. It allows you to add up to 200 peoples on your account contacts, which is enough. However, it supports cross platforms, which means you can use its mobile app and web interface for video calling purposes.

The app is totally free, but you may experience ad pop-ups, which is the primary mode of earning for the app developers.

It works on both android and IOS platforms, so you may not experience any restrictions when installing this app.