Aprima EHR Software

Aprima EHR Software is a single application based on a single database that you can fully connect with Aprima’s practice management software to improve usability even further. In addition, Aprima offers a complete suite that includes an EHR Software, Practice Management System, and Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

The Aprima EHR software enables you to have greater control over your time and practice while increasing efficiency. They are constantly innovating to suit changing needs, compliance standards, and developing technologies to help you improve productivity and provide you with the most up-to-date solutions.

Benefits of Using Aprima EHR Software

The EHR offers robust features to multiple healthcare specialties of any size. Moreover, the software is available on both Android and iOS devices. The EHR software accelerates your workflow and provides ease of use, allowing you to enter patient data swiftly and precisely. Following are the top advantages of using Aprima EHR Software in your practice.

Medical Billing Solution

The billing feature in Aprima EHR is very significant because it simplifies everything for you. This tool automates various components of your billing, reducing errors and allowing you to have your bills cleared from patients much faster.

In addition, this function helps you to unwind because you won’t have to manually handle your billing, which is a massive relief. After all, it saves you time that you would otherwise spend on billing!

Patient Portal

Aprima’s patient portal allows you and your patients to communicate in a secure, quick, and straightforward manner. It is one of the first healthcare companies in the United States to provide a Spanish-language portal to improve the healthcare experience for the country’s largest non-English speaking population.

The patient portal helps you reduce staff workload and increase practice efficiency. On the other hand, patients can use the portal to submit their information, view comprehensive medical records, book appointments, receive clinical summaries, make online payments, and examine billing invoices.

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Appointment Scheduling Feature

Scheduling appointments is, of course, a critical component of operating a sizeable medical business. With Aprima EHR, you have access to a fantastic scheduling function that allows you to plan multiple appointments in a day, enabling you to induct more patients into your practice and therefore generate more significant revenue.

In addition, you can schedule appointments digitally with a single click making it much easier than doing it manually.

Custom Templates

Aprima EHR Software also offers specialty-specific customizable templates that you can use according to your needs. In addition, there is an extensive collection of templates from which you can select and alter them to fit your wants and expectations better.

You can also view the custom templates during the Aprima EHR demo, enabling you to evaluate the software closely.

Electronic Prescription

Another significant feature that users applaud in Aprima EHR reviews is the e-Prescribe feature. You can use Aprima’s handwriting functionality on a tablet PC to swiftly and electronically generate new prescriptions and renewals for your patients.

In addition, you can also get a patient’s previously prescribed medications from the pharmacy to see whether any of the medicines they’re considering clash with anything else they are on.

Easy Exchange of Information

Aprima EHR enables you to improve patient outcomes and efficiency by providing a patient-centered, secure information flow. You can share information across the health sector and ensure that it is shown in clinician-friendly workflows, allowing physicians and practices to be more efficient in overall result-driven care and management.

The platform provides a powerful interface engine to address the present demand for diverse groups to share healthcare data. Over 3.000 interfaces are currently in use, including practice management systems, immunization registries, pathology labs, hospitals, and others.

Cloud-based Deployment

You can choose between cloud-based and on-premise deployment options for Aprima EHR, depending on your practice’s specific needs. As the software is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere in the world.

This feature enables you to simply log in and operate the software even if you are working away. You don’t need to be in a specific location or use a particular system, hence, making everything much more accessible.

Claims Management

Managing claims can be challenging if you have a busy practice. The claims management feature in Aprima EHR helps you keep everything in your setup organized. You can focus on your clinical processes as the software mainly automates the claim filing procedure.

As a result of the feature, you will be able to file claims quickly and without any problems. This allows you to receive reimbursement for your claims considerably quicker and more consistently, which can be pretty helpful to you!

Aprima EHR Reviews

There are multiple Aprima EHR reviews on various websites. We suggest you go through them before directly purchasing the software. The reviews are incredibly beneficial as they allow you to observe the software from a current users’ perception.


According to Aprima EHR users, the software is easy to use with little training. The scheduling feature is excellent and helps you organize your workflow. It provides a lot of flexibility, and users can personalize a lot of things. Staff who works from the hospital will find the smartphone app highly useful.


Customer service can take weeks for a response, which many users have a complaint about.

Do We Recommend Aprima EHR Software?

Now that you know about the many features of Aprima EHR, you probably think if we recommend it to you. We urge that you study as much as you can about the software’s features, so you know what’s coming from it and whether the capabilities are relevant to you.

We also recommend that you request an Aprima EHR demo from the vendor. The demo allows you to check if the software is suitable for you and your practices’ needs. We also suggest reading multiple Aprima EHR reviews, as current users can tell you more about the software than any other source.