Artificial intelligence” a commonly used word in today’s time. This Intelligence is displayed by machines hence named artificial, that work like humans. Yes, you heard it right, and this technology has helped in every field. For instance, they help in speech recognition, planning, and problem-solving techniques. Different People have a different mindset on AI. Some people think that AI has a solution to all kinds of problems, while some use it for their own particular purposes and to some, it appears to be a software code which they can run to earn a living.

Robot brain stroming

VERDICT:  Machines or Human Brains?

Though, we believe Artificial intelligence is just a high-level computer program. Humans still are many levels higher than AI. There is a need to understand that there should not be a debate on “Man vs. Machine” but it should be on “Man with machines”. These machines ought to made human brain understand through new models and generate vision and helped our lives become easier.

No doubt, AI has helped us with a number of tasks like it controls your airplane, a  pacemaker, a power grid or a lifting system.  We need to think how much higher can AI work go? For instance, what if someone is not able to control the functions of a robot? Is the robot able to understand what he is required to do? The answer is No, we as a human comes before machines, we are required to control machines first, as they can only understand a limited part of the work.

AI has actually simplified our lives still, they are no substitute for human brains. Some of these reasons are penned down-

Machines vs Robots

1. Confidential Information

Humans are able to use all senses at a time. On the other hand, a Robot designed with Artificial intelligence can never beat us with his own senses. AI will perform functions only in the domain of particular information processed by humans.

 when humans coexist with robots

2. Innovations

We can develop a machine to behave like us, but we can not make it exhibit his own behavior. As machines cannot have their own working, they are not able to write the languages on their own on which they run, for that human minds work.

 Outsmart Smart Machines

3. Judgment

Humans are able to visualize things around them instantly and are able to tell about right and wrong. Machines, on the other hand, do not possess this feature, they just undergo work for they are coded without knowing the outside stuff.

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4. Etiquettes

Etiquettes are what make us far better than any latest technology. We as human make our very own vitality to live, machines need batteries that are made by us. Human brains have creative minds and think of different ideas at times and can create different gadgets, but vice-a-versa is not possible in case of machines.

Robots playing football

Wrapping up

Human Brain is what shapes and then adopts Artificial Intelligence and manage innovations associated with it. It is at the end human intelligence who is responsible for critical thinking. Hence human expertise still plays a vital role in utilizing and designing AI technology.