In India, online perfume shopping has grown tremendously over the last few years. The desire to smell amazing, letting your personality stand out of the current generation has definitely contributed to this.  No one wants to worry about the sweaty smell while they are busy in achieving their dreams and fulfilling their goals. However, even after being so popular in the consumer sector, there is a large lot who does not feel comfortable while purchasing perfumes online. To eradicate this fear in the masses, one brand has been trying to make it the talk of every Indian household.

Perfume Booth has been serving the needs of perfume lovers from more than 5 years. They started with 40 perfumes and now the brand is selling more than 400 perfumes, deodorants and perfumed products for men and women online in India. They try to make the perfumes accessible to masses by providing high-end luxury fragrances at a budget-friendly price.

What makes Perfume Booth one of the unique online perfume store in India?

You must be wondering that there are several online stores that are providing fragrances online in India but why this particular online perfume store is creating this kind of buzz all around the country. Well, there are several reasons for this. Some of them are,

Try Before Buy:

This is one of the most essential parts of Perfume Booth’s success. Since a large number of customers are not convinced about buying perfumes online in India without trying them, the brand started the initiative of allowing them to try the perfumes before buying them. All they have to do is go through the fragrances they like, choose the perfume tester box that contains their desired fragrances and buy it at a very low price. This tester box gave all the customers a fabulous opportunity of trying perfumes before buying them. You can get the box, try all the perfumes, and place an order for the perfume online that you like.

Wide Range Of Perfumes:

When you visit an offline store in your nearest market, it is not always likely to find your desired perfume. This can be due to the limited availability of perfumes in the store. However, in the online perfume stores, there is a wide range of fragrances from international brands for men and women at a budget-friendly price. Over here, you have a lot to chose from – floral perfumes, fruity perfumes, oriental perfumes, French perfumes, woody perfumes and much more. Even there is a wide selection of gentle perfumes and strong perfumes in various price ranges. You can easily choose from them according to your likings and enjoy the fragrances.

Discounted Prices:

Another best factor for the perfume lovers in India is the discounted prices of all the products online in India. Most of the luxury perfumes available in India are very expensive which makes it very difficult for the common masses to buy them. Eyeing this issue, Perfume Booth started sourcing their perfumes directly from the brand instead of from the mediators. Removing all the middle man charges, it helped them to lower the price of the perfumes significantly giving huge discounts to the masses.

Scent Shot- Revolutionary Success That Changed The Perfume:

Perfume booth is taking fragrances to the next level. They are not only providing high-end fragrances at a budget-friendly price but are also making the luxury perfumes the talk of every house. For doing this, they started making available Scent shot, a miniature perfume box kit for the customers. In this miniature box, you will get 7 international perfumes in miniature form in one box. Along with this, there will be a carry case, which will make carrying your perfume easily with you. All this comes in a stylish looking plastic case which you can carry with you in luggage, bag or gym bag and even place it on your vanity countertop or the desk of your office.

All these 7 perfumes are from 7 different brands handpicked by perfume experts according to various moods and personality. There is a total of 6 Scent shot variants having 3 for women and 3 for men each with every box having a completely different set of perfumes. While Scent Shot Voodoo contains sensuous mesmerising scents, Scent shot blush contains soft and elegant one. Similarly for the men, Scent shot signature contains classic elegant perfumes for men and on the other hand, Scent Shot Drifter has a unique combination of woody and strong perfumes.

All the perfumes are from top selling brands such as Lomani, MPF, Mural De Ruitz, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, New NB, Colour Me, Baug Sons, Creation, Perfumer’s Choice and so on. For helping the customers, the brand has also tried to give entire information about the perfume in the product description. It contains details about the notes in the perfume, what time you should wear and for which season it is suitable for.  There is no other online perfume store, which is providing all these details to their customers. Hence, if you are looking for desired international luxury fragrances, you should grab these right away.