Is choosing a Christmas gift for family and friends, a daunting task for you? Are you running out of gift ideas now? It is time to celebrate Christmas this year with a tint of jazz here, choose from these 11 unique gift ideas this year.

A scion of the Pagan customs, which later went through a number of spiritual as well as religious transformations, Christmas, is a festival that is regarded as sacrosanct and a depiction of multi-cultural influences. However, there is one thing that brings everyone together and that is the feeling of oneness and love. There are many tangible things that showcase these emotions in this real world in some of the most perfect ways and offering Christmas gifts is one of them. Christmas 2019 is not that far away and this is why here is a list of 11 unique gift ideas for your loved ones.

The gift etiquette says that one should never gift perfumes because that makes the other person feel low. You might want to pick something expensive for a gift but if it lacks the vibe, then everything goes down the drain. Cosmetic & skincare companies come up with affordable baskets comprising skincare products, bath products, and much more. These gift items are perfect for travelling and temporary use. You can wrap these baskets in colorful wrapper and offer them to your friends, spouse, close friends, and parents.

  • Herbs & Spices

Everyone has herbs & spices on their kitchen counters, so gifting these on Christmas might not appeal to your senses. You can make it exciting by choosing rare herbs, such as Chinese medicinal herbs, spices that help the human body, and other herbs as recommended by Ayurveda. A collection of spices comprising Oregano, dried lemongrass, cilantro or a slew of herbs containing saffron and dried Ginseng can be a great option to choose from. Considering that these herbs are rarely available both offline or online, anyone will feel blessed to receive health wrapped in cellophane.

  • Essential Oils

A bottle full of liquefied serenity and aroma that arouses the dormant love, essential oils comes cold-pressed and power-packed with goodness. The aromatic plant extracts is helpful in many health conditions, such as Depression, Anxiety attacks, headaches, and even certain skin concerns. One of the finest examples of essential oil can be seen in the rising demand of CBD oil, which helps with insomnia and a gamut of mental health issues. Now, this is a real gift idea that not only smells good but feels good as well. What say?

  • Food Coupons

This is the digital age and everything that is easy on both brain and pocket is highly appreciated. A food coupon that comes as a special offer from companies or brand making pizza, chicken wings, or even some food vegan food can be one of the best Christmas gifts ever. Many a times, brands come up with discount food coupons in festive months or during a particular season, you can make an assortment and gift it to a near family, close friends or kids in your family to enjoy a day out.

  • Hot Sauces

Thanks to the popularity of the Indian and Mexican cuisine, a majority of people loves to have some hot sauce on their noodles, tacos, and tortilla chips. You can definitely consider an assortment of these tingly sauces as a unique yet fun gift idea this Christmas. Hot sauces appeal to people of ages, tastes palatable almost on and with everything and you have the taste severity as well, that is mild, medium and hot to choose from. Did you just feel tingles on your tongue?

  • Health Foods

Who says healthy food is boring? This is a fallacy and it is time to knock its block off. Check out natural grocery stores for health foods that are both scrumptious and adventurous. For instance:

  • Dandelion based coffee alternatives
  • Vegan cheese and butter
  • Mixed grain breads and pastas and much more

Food was never a boring thing and will never be.

  • Health Vacations

There is nothing more valuable than sometime away from the discord and precious than a stable mental health. With growing demand of wellness programs and its affordability, you can plan a trip to beautiful destinations with friends or family and attend Yoga retreats, detox programs, and spiritual sessions with Yogi Masters, renowned coaches. Retreats open gateways to higher consciousness, peace of mind, and enhanced physical capabilities. What else you can ask for this Christmas, right?

  • Surprise Date Nights

Be an angel for your single friend, or sister and find them a perfect date. “Matches are made in heaven”, uh no! Nowadays, it’s more about, “matches are made online as well”. Go on websites like Tinder or any local dating or matrimony apps and find a guy/girl for your close friend. Make it a Christmas dinner date, shopping meet-up or a detox retreat vacation at a far-flung place. It is always a personal choice to stick to someone or not but this can definitely light up someone’s face and warm a heart, for sure.

  • Quirky Show Items

Even though it sounds more relatable to Halloween, still it would be fun to gift someone a quirky piece of showpiece. It can be anything ranging from, a Santa Claus dressed as Barrack Obama, Christmas tree with beer bottles hanging onto it, or little socks filled with chewable Swedish candies. However, make sure the family you are gifting this unusual piece of show item is not too religious else you might end up hurting their emotions. In all other cases, this is no less than a fun thing to do.

  • Pet Essentials

“Why Humans should have all the fun”, right? You can pick some cute toys, clothes, and even fluffy pillows for cats, dogs or any pet animal at your friend’s or distant family’s house. This shall definitely be a delightful surprise for the pet. There is no religion on this planet that confronts the idea of including animals or your loved pets into ceremonies and festivals, therefore, while on your way for the Christmas party this year, do not forget to get down at a pet store.

  • Personalized Kitchen Items

Embrace the idea of gifting personalized kitchen items to your family and friends. If you do not have access to any offline store that can do it for you, then better go for online options. Items like plates, beer tumblers, knives, kitchen towels, or even apron can be customized. You can ask the designer to put the name of the lady of the house, kids, or even your girlfriends and colleagues. This is not only a useful gift idea but also a cute one.

Surprise your loved ones with these gift wrapped in love!!!