The hotels and resort business industry are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. Most of it is due to the exponential increase in the travel and tourism industry around the globe. More and more people nowadays want to travel and go to places to spend time with their family and simply relax. This has caused a lot of business owners big and small to invest in the hoteling industry. Although they do reap the benefits, the question is “for how long.” More and more businessmen and corporations are jumping on the bandwagon.

This means more and more competition. As an owner of a hotel or a resort, you should always be on the lookout to find out ways through which you can capture the attention of new audiences and retain your previous customers. This will ensure that you survive and prosper in this ever-competitive market. This post is all about “how to attract more customers to your hotel or resort.”  Follow these bits of advice and I assure you that you will simply please your current clients, turn them into loyal customers and also attract new audiences. So let us take a quick look.

Make yourself distinct

An average American is exposed to around four thousand to ten thousand advertisements in one day (a period of twenty-four hours). There’s no wonder that in this massive ocean of overflowing and copious promotions and advertisements constantly bombarding people with unwanted information through every medium, you simply need to promote your business in a strong, catchy and relatable way, which the people would want to listen to, so that you keep your hotel or resort, up and running. Your methods should be fresh and should always relatable to the present times. One great method could be the use of amazing custom hospitality and resort uniforms. These uniforms can offer your business and your staff a sharp, well-defined look. Researchers say that the first seven seconds of a meeting is extremely crucial. This is the time when a person makes his first opinion and the rest follows. A bad first impression could simply make the person leave and not use your services. Having your workers and staff wear proper custom uniforms ensures that you will always deliver that amazing, positive first impression.   Another pro of custom hospitality and resort uniforms is that they create a distinct identity. People will instantly be able to recognize your hotel or resort just by looking at the uniforms. Here are a few more suggestions for you to try and make your hotel or resort stand out:

  • You can select a unique perfume or scent to be used within your hotel and resort. A pleasant smell is really really attractive and would simply add that pizzazz and finesse required to stand out. It would elevate the customer experience from good to extraordinary.
  • Always make sure that your logo is always there on the bedding and bath articles that you provide. Articles such as bed sheets, sheets, pillow covers, toiletries and etc. Your logo should be there even on the other daily use items you provide such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos and etc. This is a marketing strategy that very subtly embeds your brand in the brain of the consumers (subliminal marketing). Your consumers won’t even notice it but their brain would always recall your logo and hotel.
  • Remember to gift personalized promotional items and giveaways to your guests and visitors. Use items that come in everyday use so that the people you give them out to use them in their everyday routine. Receiving free gifts would please your guests and visitors, plus whenever they use your item, they will always be reminded about you and your hotel or resort. They will remember you long after their visit and most likely will return to you for your services.
  • Make a strong customer loyalty program that offers great discounts, benefits and special packages for your loyal customers. This will make sure that the customers loyal to your hotel or resort always stay loyal.

Invest in amenities that the customers want

We, being humans, are becoming greedy and always want more value for our money. That’s where the extra amenities play the part. I’ve seen people pay $30 extra for a hotel that has a good quality gym (And that guy didn’t even use to work out). This shows that people go for extra amenities, even if they want to use them or not. As an owner, you should consider investing your time and money into delivering amenities and features that attract the customers. Some of these features people normally want are:

  • In house massage services, saunas, spas and etc.
  • Top-quality laundry and room service.
  • Well-equipped gyms and swimming pools.
  • An airport picks and drop and a car rental service.
  • Option for allergy-free rooms.
  • A large parking space with valet services.
  • Complimentary drinks and free breakfasts.

A fast internet connection and cable TV(with channels in different languages.