In need of a cool place to chill during the heat? Consider installing backyard pool ideas on a budget. For a refreshing dip in the summer, a pool of any size is an excellent idea. It is a family-friendly backyard element that will undoubtedly help you make memories for years to come. You can turn any ordinary night into a quick party—all you need to do is light the BBQ by the pool, and you’ll be ready for the best backyard gatherings.

Moreover, in case you ever want to sell your house, a pool will also increase the value of your home. If you’re thinking about installing a stunning pool on your property, these backyard pool ideas on a budget will give you all the inspiration you need.


The lap pool is an ideal option to maximize the space in your backyard. These pools are not only great for lap swimming, but also because they take up less area, you can add other backyard amenities like an outside living room, outdoor kitchen, or additional features.

That’s why it makes up the top of our list of small backyard pool ideas on a budget. If you reside close to the ocean, think of constructing an ocean-fed lap pool or experimenting with angular shapes, such as an L-shaped pool or geometrical pool, for a unique appearance. 

  • The Zero Entry Pool 

 A zero-entry pool eliminates the extra money spent on unsightly stairs or ladders. This pool idea perfectly blends into the hardscapes and some other landscaping in your backyard, allowing you to feel yourself entering the ocean from the sand. 

A beach entrance pool provides visitors with a space to sunbathe or a shallow area for young children to play. This pool is ideal if you have a bigger garden.

  • The Classic Infinity Pool 

Those who want to relax while enjoying city views would appreciate an infinity pool. With the edge of this pool seemingly gone, water appears to be overflowing. Experiment with various layouts to create a one-of-a-kind pool with a negative edge. 

It is also possible to build zero-edge pools, with each pool feeding into the one below it through the vanishing edge.

  • Low Maintenance Saltwater Pool 

A saltwater pool is a great choice because of its numerous benefits. To begin, saltwater systems do not require the maintenance of chlorine and other pool chemicals. These high-end pools are gentler on the skin than traditional pools as they contain fewer chemicals. 

Hence, they make it to our list of backyard pool ideas on a budget. If you want your saltwater swimming pool to blend in with the rest of your landscaping, think about a kidney- or figure-eight-shaped design.

  • Glass Pool 

 Thanks to the underwater window provided by glass pool walls, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of your garden or backyard even when swimming. You may go all out with a glass design, or you can start small by glazing just one wall. As an alternative, if your pool is on a terrace, you can put glass in the bottom to see what’s happening below while you are swimming.

Additional Elements to Transform Your Backyard Pool Into Paradise

  • Set the Mood By Using Lights

 Adding underwater lighting is one of the best ways to renovate your backyard pool ideas on a budget. Plus, it makes your swimming pool perfect for a night swim. If you like the traditional approach with white circular lighting, you can put color-changing lights to add shades of purple, pink, green, and other colors to your luxury pool. 

To increase visibility, you may illuminate steps, handrails, diving boards, waterslides, and other pool features. Water features like waterfalls and jacuzzi jets can also catch the eye with underwater lights. 

  • Add a Water Feature

 If you want to go above and beyond while renovating your backyard pool ideas on a budget, you can add some elegant water features as a focal point. For a more rustic look, you can install a waterfall that flows over stones in a pool area. Once inside, it’ll create a pleasant element to engage with and serve as calming background noise. You may have fountains in a more formal pool area. 

The fountains in the pool serve as a visual focal point. The ability of pool water features to keep the pool tidy is its additional advantage. They give you a cleaner pool for very little work since they reduce the chance of algae build-up by continuously circulating the water.

  • Adding Sun Loungers

 Adding sun loungers is another innovative way to spruce up your backyard pool. Everyone knows that sun loungers make the ideal post-swim relaxing piece of furniture that can be placed next to a pool. 

However, if you choose a pool design with a Baja shelf or a shallow ledge, you might consider including loungers in the swimming pool. All you need on a hot day is an ice-cold beverage to enjoy your swimming day. 

  • Get a Waterslide

 Do you want your yard to be a popular gathering place? Invest in a waterslide! This luxury pool feature is excellent for families with young children, but it is a pleasant water pastime that everyone can enjoy.

When installing a water slide, you can experiment with designs like a spiral slide and with materials like stone or plastic.

  • Add a Swim-Bar 

 You can create the ideal outdoor gathering area by including a swim-up bar in your pool. You’ll have the perfect place for family and friends to speak and get a refreshing drink by adding seating and counter space to your backyard, turning it into a resort-style hideaway. 

A swim-up bar is also a fantastic way to keep your children hydrated while they play.

In The End…

Well, hope these small backyard pool ideas on a budget help you with all the inspiration you need to transform your backyard. Whatever design you choose for your backyard pool ideas on a budget, the key point to remember is that the design of your backyard pool should be an extension of the overall design of your house.