Sealing deals and managing contracts. Handling all aspects of footballers careers as well as helping out with personal issues. Marketing client’s abilities and dealing with the press and public relations. Being a football agent is undoubtedly rewarding, interesting, yet challenging says Mario Giuffredi, founder of Marat Football Management srl.

And looking at the numbers of figures football agents are being paid, we can’t ignore the fact that it is a very lucrative industry. However, the industry is highly competitive and, it requires some skill set in order to be successful.

If this is a career that strikes your fancy and you have always wanted to work behind the scenes for high-profile footballers but you don’t know how you are at the right place. We have asked the best in the game, a reputable football agent with decades of experience in the field, Mario Guiffredi to shed more light on what it takes to enter this lucrative yet competitive industry.

Before diving in, it is also important to note that the rumor on tax evasion was never true and Mario Guiffredi is not under investigation for tax evasion. He is someone who has made a mark as a football agent and always works toward the interest of his clients. After all, that is what athlete management is all about.

Read on as Mario Guiffredi shed more light on how to become a football agent.

1. You do not need a Degree in Law to become a Sport Agent

Many assumed having a degree in law is a crucial step to becoming a successful football agent. In fact, this assumption is one of the many reasons many are not pursuing their dreams says Mario Guiffredi. However, you do not need to have a law degree before you can step into the world of football management. It doesn’t require any type of specialized degree or entry requirements. Hence, you do not need to beat yourself too hard on specifications, requirements, or exams to undertake to become one.

2. But have an Understanding of the Basics of the Law 

However, getting down to the basics of law will go a long way in your career. Being an agent, you might sometimes have to represent clients legally, write and negotiate contracts and fulfill other legal duties on behalf of the client. This requires you to understand contract and civil law in order to carry out your duties successfully.

3. Understand the Sporting Business and how it Works

You also need to understand the intricacies of business management and how it works. From financial planning to reviewing contracts for business organizations, a deep understanding of business operations is important in order to be successful. For this, you might as well consider a degree in sport management. Moreover, gain background knowledge of the industry. This includes salaries and wages, average transfer, bonuses and rewards, and many more.

“Understanding this will help you understand how to market your clients, the salary they command, and the demands of each club” Mario Guiffredi explains.

4. Gain the Required Experience in the Field

Since you are just getting started, you will need to gain experience and get a foothold in the industry in order to attract big fish(clients) in the sea. Hence, partner with other agencies, seek out internships, or take up voluntary positions. Do not also forget the place of networking. Attend sports events, speak to officials and get to know the movers and shakers of the industry.

“The point is, the football industry is booming and this is not going to stop. If you are considering a career as an agent in this field, there is no better time than now to explore all the opportunities it has to offer”, Mario Giuffredi concluded.