Swimmers wear swimsuits, whereas cyclists need comfortable cycling gear and accessories. Every sport has its unique gear for athletes, but you may be confused when deciding the right outfit for triathlon because this sport consists of three segments – swimming, cycling, and running. Whether you are training or taking part in a competition, it is necessary to wear a proper outfit to improve your performance. Both professionals and beginner triathletes opt for good quality accessories like the best triathlon bike shoes to enhance their flexibility.


You may have a strong physical body but taking part in an activity that requires cycling requires a sports bike. In a triathlon competition, the participants have to run, swim, and ride a cycle. As you know cycling involves riding a bike, you have to paddle the actual wheeled vehicle to its destination instead of treading on your feet. Such a sport bike is specially designed for performing heavy-duty during the run. You have to get this bike from a bike store. Check out the height, wheels, and budget of the product so you can acquire the most suitable bike for a triathlon event.

Triathlon shoes

Buying triathlon shoes can be tricky since it is not okay to paddle a bike in a pair of traditional running shoes. Sportswear companies roll out a variety of shoe designs athletes can wear them for running and cycling. If you couldn’t figure out which shoes can give you comfort while doing both activities, visit a triathlon store near you. Such a store has a wide range of products that are necessary for performing triathlon in world-class competitions. You will find the best triathlon cycling shoes on their rack.

Wet suit

It is a bad idea to swim in an athletic shirt. The wet fabric will weight down your body when you come out of the water and start running or cycling. Also, the undergarments may continue to drench your body even though the outer fabric is dry. This can cause blisters on your feet and body while contracting with an outer force. That is why specially designed wet suits are compulsory for men and women triathletes.

When you go shopping for triathlon gear and kit, look for a suit that helps you swim faster and ride a bike comfortably. Reputed triathlon stores offer a variety of athletic products of top brands such as Fizik M6 Women’s Mountain, Fizik M6 Mountain shoe Boa, bikes, electronics, supplements, and helmet.