Post-pandemic, the world is increasingly shifting to a hybrid and remote work environment. Hence, the importance of screen sharing apps cannot be overstated. These apps are essential for boosting collaboration, teamwork, and productivity. By letting you share your screen with others, these applications allow you to troubleshoot problems, collaborate on projects, and provide training in real-time.

Mac comes with its native screen sharing application. Although screen sharing macOS setup must be completed on all participating Macs, the process is fuss-free and easy to understand. The same network is used to share screens on Macs, and you can set it up by opening System Settings > General > Sharing. Make your Mac accessible to all users who have your permission and restrict those who don’t. Then, turn on Screen Sharing > select Done.

As with all native applications, the in-built macOS screen sharing app lacks advanced features. Hence, users are always on the lookout for third-party screen sharing apps, and the top ones are mentioned below.



Skype is predominantly known as a video-calling application. Its video-calling capabilities are so widely known that people often forget it is also a reliable screen sharing application.

Skype is an excellent option for teams that need to collaborate with people outside of their organization because it is available across major platforms and devices.

The app does a pretty decent job of fulfilling basic screen sharing needs.


In the realm of remote collaboration, Zoom has emerged as a leader. The app offers video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. By using Zoom’s screen sharing features, you can share your entire desktop, specific apps, or a single window with the participants.

Participants will view the screen in real-time, making it perfect for giving presentations, conducting virtual meetings, or offering tech support.

Screenleap – Screen Sharing App

screenleap screen sharing app

Screenleap is an effective screen sharing service that does a decent job. The service isn’t heavy-duty and is easy to understand. If you do not want to commit to a full-fledged application, this is the ideal solution.

By using a Chrome extension, you can share your screen with anyone over the Internet. The service lends you a permanent URL, which is used to join your sharing sessions.

You can use this service for recurring meetings or quick access sharing.


TeamViewer is a support and remote access software that excels in screen sharing capabilities. Mac users can use this app to share their screens with team members in remote locations, facilitating a seamless collaborative environment.

TeamViewer is specifically used for troubleshooting technical issues because it allows remote control of the shared screen. Its secure encryption guarantees data privacy during screen sharing sessions.


CrankWheel’s modus operandi is using screen sharing as means of generating leads. It doesn’t allow for co-browsing, but your screen is broadcasted for detailed perusal of your client.

The app is designed for the sales teams so they can connect and convert hard-to-reach prospects. The upside is the client can view the screen via any web browser.

The app’s easy to understand, neat interface ensures the sales rep can focus on the pitch and not get distracted,

USE Together

USE Together is an application that allows multiple users to work simultaneously over the host’s screen. All participants can control the screen using their individual mouse cursors.

Simply put, the app allows the participants to interact with the apps and displays them as if they were all at the same desk.


Slack is known for being one of the finest team collaboration and messaging platforms. The app is equipped with intuitive screen-sharing abilities, allowing teams to engage in virtual meetings and directly share their screens within the platform.

Thanks to the seamless integration facilitated by this platform, team members can conveniently switch from messaging to screen sharing.


GoToMeeting offers a wide range of solutions to make remote working convenient and stress-free. The app is equipped with wonderful capabilities, such as webinar support, one-click video meetings, screen sharing, cloud recording, and drawing tools.

The app offers stable mobile screen sharing, which is its USP. Also, it supports document sharing, whiteboard collaboration, and more.

The app is available on iPhone and iPad as well. It essentially converts your iPhone or iPad into a remote for your Mac.


Screen sharing apps have become indispensable tools for Mac users. These tools are essential for collaboration and teamwork. The top applications for Mac users are mentioned above. But if you ask which one is the best screen-sharing apps, there’s no concrete answer. The best app for you will entirely depend on participants, usage, need, and budget.

If a basic screen sharing apps is all you need, Zoom or Skype will suffice. You can even use Mac’s in-built screen sharing app. But if you need something more comprehensive, USE Together, or TeamViewer might be a better option.