Better Anime is a website that offers thoughtful critiques, ratings, and recommendations for emerging anime series. They recognize that the world of anime can be overwhelming, and aim to help busy adults make informed decisions about which series are worth investing their time in. In this article, we will explore the website and its unique features.

Why Choose Better Anime?

One of the primary reasons to choose Better Anime is the need for a site that offers well-written, thoughtful critiques and recommendations for emerging anime. While there are many anime review sites out there, most of them offer plot synopsis and aimless lists of spoilers, rather than valuable analysis and discussion points. Better Anime takes a different approach, selecting only the best anime releases to review and recommend. This picky selection process is crucial to ensuring that viewers only invest their time in high-quality anime.


Better Anime‘s critiques are designed to provide a deeper analysis of each anime series beyond the basic plot summary. They aim to offer insightful and thoughtful reviews that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each series. These critiques are not intended to be spoilers, but rather to provide readers with a sense of what they can expect from each show.

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One of the key features of Better Anime is their recommendations section. They understand that many busy adults do not have the time to watch every anime series that comes out each season, and therefore strive to highlight the best of the best. Their recommendations are carefully curated, with only the top series making the cut. This ensures that readers can be confident that the shows they invest their time in will be worth it.


In addition to critiques and recommendations, Better Anime also provides ratings for each series they review. These ratings are based on a scale of one to five stars, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. They rate each series based on a variety of factors, including plot, characters, animation, and overall entertainment value.

Mature Content

Better Anime is not for children. They recognize that many of the best anime series tackle adult themes such as sexuality, violence, and death. As such, their website is intended for a mature audience, and readers should be aware that there may be strong language and adult themes discussed in their reviews.


Better Anime also has a community aspect, where readers can discuss and share their thoughts on each series. This community is designed to be a safe and civil space where fans can share their opinions and engage in thoughtful discussion. The website also has a presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, where readers can interact with the Better Anime team and other fans.

Picky Recommendations

One of the unique aspects of Better Anime is their picky recommendations. They understand that not every series is worth recommending, and therefore only showcase the cream of the crop. This means that readers can be confident that any series they choose from Better Anime’s recommendations section will be of high quality.


Better Anime also offers a newsletter that readers can sign up for. The newsletter is sent out at the beginning and end of each anime season, and provides readers with updates on the latest anime series, as well as exclusive content and offers. Better Anime promises that readers’ emails will not be shared with anyone else.

The Criticism & Recommendation Methodology of Better Anime

It’s common to discover story summaries and brief reviews of anime online, but they seldom provide any meaningful context on the show’s quality. Better Anime online takes a new tack, providing in-depth analysis and conversation topics to assist readers in making educated viewing selections.

The Value of Providing Reflective Perspective

In reviewing and recommending anime, the significance of providing insightful commentary cannot be emphasized. Like any other entertainment medium, anime contains both excellent and terrible examples, and it may be difficult for viewers to identify the former. The staff at Better Anime is aware of this, which is why they work so hard to provide its readers insightful criticism that goes beyond simple story summaries.

Better Anime is able to assist viewers in evaluating a series by providing them with informative discussion. Critical areas of the program that they may examine include the show’s themes, character growth, animation quality, and others.

Moving Beyond Synopsis

The fact that most anime reviews do nothing more than explain the story is a major flaw. Better Anime is aware of this issue and opts for a new strategy, giving its users insightful analysis and topics for debate beyond simple story summaries.

While reviewing “Attack on Titan,” for instance, they wouldn’t stop at a simple story synopsis. Instead, they would debate the program’s concepts, such as how it goes deeper than your average action show by delving into topics like human nature, survival, and sacrifice.

Better Anime gives its readers a deeper insight into the show’s quality and what sets it apart from the others by giving analysis and conversation topics beyond simple narrative summaries.

Taking Reasonable Actions

Better Anime site aids its readers in making educated viewing selections by offering in-depth analysis and conversation topics. The group is aware that viewers do not want to spend their time on mediocre shows.

By providing insightful criticism and suggestions, they may lead audiences to shows of higher quality. They are useful for introducing viewers to new shows that they would have otherwise passed over or judged unfairly.

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Better Anime is a valuable resource for anyone who loves anime but struggles to keep up with the sheer volume of content available each season. Their thoughtful critiques, picky recommendations, and ratings ensure that readers can be confident that they are investing their time in the best anime series. The website’s community aspect also provides a safe and civil space for fans to share their thoughts and engage in thoughtful discussion.