One of the best pound-for-pound fighters in history, David Thunder Cummings has been the world champion for 13 times and has set a record of 179 wins, 54 loses, and 3 draws.

American fighter David Cummings was born in Colorado Springs Colorado and raised in Oklahoma. He is known as one of the best fighters in Kansas, United States. He started his career from karate. He joined his first-ever karate class in February 1972 and had his first-ever boxing match in November of the year 1972. He started wrestling at the age of 5 in the year 1973. The reason behind his early age training in the field of martial arts and wrestling was his father. His father wanted him to be a great fighter of all times since he was a marine.

The stage where Cummings knew that he wanted to be a fighter

David Thunder Cummings

David usually spent most of his time in the karate classes. So he was solely grown up with the peoples like Tommy Williams and Bill Wallace the guys who were having full contact with karate. And from that time he wanted to become champions of champions. He got his nickname Thunder from Bill Packer after the Japanese nicknamed him Iron tsunami. Thunder’s family was too supportive of his dream of becoming a champion. So his mom and dad usually spend their weekends driving him from one competition to another.

Records Set by Thunder

David Thunder Cummings Records

Widely considered the greatest fighter of his era, David Thunder Cumming, set the total record of 179 wins, 54 loses, and 3 draws. In these fights, he knocked out his opponent for 81 times. Also, he held the title of world champion for around 13 to 14 times. David usually beats his opponents through his favorite moves of knees and elbows. He had various peoples in his life that inspired him a lot, but the man Tommy Williams inspired him and taught him how to become a champion. He loved to stand up with his opponent, but he was also comfortable in the ground too. He wrestled most of the time in his college life. After getting lots of success in his career today, Thunder owns and trains Team Thunder Muay Thai and MMA.

In an Interview, Thunder said that being a warrior determines a lot for him it is a form of thinking to never give up, constantly strive for whatever you require. He started fighting with the weight of 118lbs all the way to the Heavyweight division. His experience fighting all over the world in around 43-countries of the world all with different rules and styles made him more adaptable than the other fighters. Also, when he was asked about given an opportunity to step back in the ring or cage for one dream fight. The answer was very genuine, he stated that he perpetually desired to fight Ramon Dekkers but it nevermore worked out. Apart from this, he additionally stated that he would love to get a bit of Conner McGregor.


At the edge of his career, David Thunder Cummings lost his eye-sight for his right eye. So he thought that there must protection for it so that other up growing fighters might not experience it. So he advised changing the gloves for fewer eye pokes. So this was his biography and history of fighting. If you see something that doesn’t look right, please, contact us. And if you find this information informative then do share it with others. Because it can be a motivational story that can change many lives at the same time.