Borrowing certainly seems like the answer to all our woes – it provides us with the unique opportunity of living like the crème-de-la-crème of the world without needing to earn as much. But how safe is it? How reliable can it be? And can you really plan the important events in your life by trusting that what you need will reach you in one piece? Read on to find out more.

Some of the best discoveries are made in desperation – like when your child’s first birthday is a day away, you’ve not booked a photographer, and your personal camera hasn’t seen the light of day in over two years. Perhaps you’ve booked yourself an impulsive vacation to the Maldives and you need a GoPro, or you’re throwing an impromptu party for your gamer friends and you desperately need more controllers for everyone. Where can you find any of these things on short notice? Better yet, what if you could just Swiggy away your life’s inconveniences?

A door delivery service for all your needs

You now have that remarkable option – just borrow! Using a rental platform to take care of last-minute glitches and cancellations, and to make your overall planning easier in general, is a unique option that exists today. But how sure can you be sure of what you get? What if you find out day-of that there has been a mix-up and you’re not going to get shots of the coveted toothy smile of your rapidly growing toddler at their milestone birthday? Mishaps happen of course, but rental platforms should exist to make your life easier, and not otherwise. There are many good reasons why borrowing will be a safe option for you and as a disclaimer, a lot of these are going to be Borofy specific, but we believe in the importance of an informed consumer as much as we do in a happy one.

Comprehensive Terms & Conditions

Rental platforms like ours make sure to have all-encompassing “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” so that you, the borrower, can be adequately informed of what rules we operate by. And we operate by definite rules that we are very professional about so that you’re never caught blindsided by a policy. Remember those advertisements about mutual finds with their terms and conditions in fine print, making them impossible to read? You won’t find any of that here – just straightforward business that places your convenience at the forefront.

Guarantees on Accuracy, Hygiene, and Delivery

Our Terms of Use aren’t just easy to understand, they also make clear the standards we swear to uphold. And any good rental website must be able to guarantee at least three things – accuracy, hygiene, and delivery. When you’re looking to rent, you need to be assured that you will get what is listed and not a rundown, older version. You need to also be assured that you will get it at the time you need it. And you need to be sure that you’re not going to be made sick by the item delivered to you. You’d want to engage and use only that website that goes out of its way to make you these guarantees, and that really does deliver in every sense of the word.

Flexible and Forgiving Cancellation Policy

At Borofy, like any good rental company, we get it; accidents happen. The last thing you need when you’re already mourning a canceled vacation is paying a cancellation fee for the GoPro you wanted to use. That’s why all cancellations at Borofy are free; we trust our customers and we know how unpredictable life can be. We’re your insurance policy, but with none of the hassle.

Setting a Good Example

The best part about borrowing is the trend we can both set and be part of – the trend of the sharing economy that is important given the era of climate disasters we live in. If the Australian bushfires haven’t been a wakeup call enough, scientists predict a very short-lived and bleak future for the Earth if the current pollution trends continue. We’ve discussed more the sharing economy and its salience in the times of the climate crisis here but there are no two ways to it – we all have to do our part now more than ever. And by buying less, we can set a good example for our peers and also for the next generation. Sustainable living is the need of the hour, and waste wants not, right?

And there you have it – some very persuasive reasons as to why you should be borrowing, and as to why it’s actually a smart and safe option. When you can be sure of the quality, the opportunities that renting presents to you become unlimited. Why wouldn’t you want a personal concierge service?! With Borofy, you can get started today and never have to worry about your options ever again.