Bricks are the most common and widely appreciated building materials. Due to their resistance and durability, they have been accepted worldwide by the majority of people as the best building material. Bricks are a material which has been continuously used for over the past years.

For a few years, bricks were not used as widely, as there was the introduction of many alternate building materials that diverted the attention away from the bricks. But now as the demands of durable and resistant building materials have increased, the bricks are again back in trend. Throughout NYC you can see brick walls now.

Benefits Of Brick Pointing NYC

These bricks walls are not only durable and strong but they are also quite classic and minimalistic in appearance as well, which increases the overall curb appeal. Despite bricks being so popular they also cause damages and issues after a length of time. But when compared to other building materials the issues caused by the bricks are much less severe and easy to repair as well. Bricks can cause damage due to various reasons such as harsh weather conditions and improper maintenance as well.

When met with these issues the bricks walls start to develop cracks in between the bricks. When such damages develop the first thing the building owners usually do is to search the internet for good concrete removal companies near me. The most common repair was done by the concrete companies in the brick pointing. Brick pointing is removing the old mortar and replacing it with new mortar which helps in joining the cracked areas. Some of the benefits of brick pointing are listed below.

Extension in building a life:

The most common advantage of brick pointing is the increase in the life span of the building. As the older and weaker mortar is replaced with newer, stringer, and fresher mortar it increases the resistance and durability of the building.

Improved waterproofing:

When done properly and professionally, the addition of the new mortar also increases the quality of the waterproofing. This is because a good concrete company would not just add mortar to the building but there is a mixture that includes mortar in addition to other chemicals which are very beneficial for enhancing waterproofing function.

Protection from the weather:

NYC is exposed to such harsh and severe weather conditions that it is important to make the buildings safe from it. For this reason, the brick pointing is highly beneficial. As brick pointing creates a layer of newer and fresher mortar it increases the resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Increased aesthetic appeal:

Following the minimalistic approach, the brick pointing adds up to the overall aesthetic appeal of the building. It looks very classic and simple which makes the building more attractive.

Increased property value:

As brick pointing increases the durability of the building, it also increases its property value. As durability is the most important and significant thing in a building, so a building with a high durability level would have a high property value.