South Florida is an attractive market for those who wish to buy properties in golf communities, a hotel resort with residences or residential-only developments. How exactly do you choose the one that’s best for you?

It is quite easy to fall in love with great golf community homes for sale in South Florida at a reasonable price. So for those, who wish to own golf communities in South Florida, there are several dos and don’ts. Investing in a golf community home is a huge decision. Like any investment decision, you need to be aware of the pitfalls and hazards. 

Choose the best location.

You need to keep in mind why you’re purchasing the property. In South Florida, the warm winter climate is likely a major factor. Yet, what about the property’s closeness to activities and interests you appreciate?  What about places to shop, shows, theater, swimming, playing golf, sailing, or angling? Do you need something away and quiet from the noise of mainstream resorts?

If your objective is to bring friends and family together, then you also need to consider the distance of their residence. Similarly, you should also look for proximity to other necessities like healthcare services. 

Sales assist team

Now that you have chosen the kind of golf community that fulfills your objectives, you must make a trip. You can set an appointment with the golf community’s sales personnel or even resident realtors. Although resident realtors have a stronger incentive to provide the best deal, the decision is yours. You can also contact the HOA or the homeowners association. The HOA will hand you over to a local broker who usually manages the resales. 

Homeowners Association

Many golf communities in South Florida are a part of the HOA or homeowners association. So, the buyer is bound by specific rules and also potentially additional monthly, quarterly, or annual fees.

Many golf course communities will have HOA fees that help cover the costs of common landscaping or signage. So you must know if the golf community’s homes for sale in South Florida is a part of HOA and the rules and regulations it abides by.  

Consider the resale value.

Another crucial factor that influences your buying decision is the value of your investment. Purchasing properties are a huge investment. Therefore, it is essential to see what factors will affect its worth when it comes time to sell. 

These factors are an essential addition to the quality of life in golf communities. These include population density, club ownership, total golf membership, etc. 

Personal yard

Usually, many golf community homebuyers expect that the lush green golf courses will be an extension to their backyard. However, this is not true, and developers are well aware of it too. 

At times many builders takeaway areas of backyards to get more room for the golf course. Similarly, if you are having yourself a home built, you need to beware it needs to be walled. Some golf communities in South Florida usually are walled. 

The ratio calculation

Another essential aspect you must keep in mind is the cost of a round of the golf course and the value of the house you plan to buy.  

There has to be a balance and a logical ratio between the two. For example, if the cost of a round of a golf course is $25, especially in the winter, but the house that you wish to buy is priced at $200,000. In such a case, it is evident that the property value is inflated. At the same time, if it is a private golf course, you must keep an eye on the monthly charges and the ratio of the price of the home. 


The points discussed in this article are some of the most critical factors that a buyer needs to consider. You also need to be familiar with the golf community itself. Whether you are looking forward to the pre-made golf communities homes for sale in South Florida or planning to build one, it is highly crucial to pay close attention to the blueprint. Buying a property in golf community homes is very different from that of a suburban neighborhood.