Most of the business owners misunderstand the term margin and markup, both of the figures assist you in setting up the prices & it also measures productivity. These terms show the chart in which they reflect the profit differently. Understanding the difference between margin and markup in accounting is beneficial and important as well. If you’re searching to know about the difference between margin and markup, then this article will be very beneficial for you to read.

Now we’re going to explore the relationship between cost, price, markup, and margins. Swipe down to learn about the markup VS margin and how to calculate it with the markup calculator.

Margin vs. markup: what’s the difference? How do we calculate them?

It begins with how to set the price of the product, which is a difficult task. The price of your product depends on a factor, whether you’re purchasing a product in bulk or you are buying them from various shopkeepers. If you have a system to determine the cost of the product, then you can use it to figure out the price. This is where the markup concept comes, and it depends on where you are searching for it; you can variously answer the query of what markup is.

Markup depends on what it has to with any other thing is known as margin or sometimes called gross profit margin. If you get confused about how we calculate it, then you can use the markup calculator online that calculates the cost and profit according to the markup & revenue.

What is the markup formula?

You know that markup is expressed in the form of a percentage that you charge your customer for the product they purchase. To calculate the markup for goods & services, you can use the standard formula, which looks like this:

Markup = (price – cost) / cost

An example of using the Markup Formula:

Suppose the cost of any product is $18, which is the amount used in product manufacturing. The company will turn around and sell the product at the price of $36.

If you found the calculation complex, then you can give an account to the percentage markup calculator that allows you to find the cost, revenue, profit, and markup percentage.

Pricing products based on markup:

Most of the businesses set the price of the product that is based on some certain predefined percentage of markup. They have defined costs and also have the particular markup percentages in mind that assist them in calculating the price. Now a factor is important to discuss that how would we express the markup formula in this situation; let’s write this out:

Price = Cost + (cost x markup)

Instead of performing the calculation on the paper, you can give a try to the markup cost calculator that generates the most accurate outcomes of your given quires.

What about margin vs. markup?

 Now, we’re going to discuss the markup & how it helps you to set the product price. The type of margin that we are discussing in this section is known as gross profit margin. It describes the profit that you have earned on a product, and it is displayed in the form of a percentage of the selling price. To make things easier, account the markup calculator to have an idea about the cost, revenue, and markup of goods & services.


In this post, we have discussed so many things regarding markup. It is calculated with a markup calculator or with the standard formula, and comparing markup & margin is also taken into account. They both use the same sets of numbers, but the markup is based on cost, and the margin is based on price.