The history of cats goes back 9500 years. The domestication of wild felines began when people began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. The first domesticated cat was the Egyptian Mau, recognized since the Middle Ages. Contributing to cats’ history, today there are about 200 breeds. The first cat that was known to be kept as a companion was the Siamese, a beautiful breed. Many, such as the British shorthair golden, have become more popular breeds due to their good nature and flawless beauty. Today, many modern people acquire fluffy pets because they want to have a friend who gives a lot of positive emotions.

 The ancient Egyptians already had cats. In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals because they were worshipped as the god Bastet. Cats were also used as luck symbols and were kept as pets. They were even used as pets for Pharaohs. They were also kept in temples and often buried along with the owner. This shows how precious cats were to ancient people. Today, cats are still popular. They are known for their independence, intelligence, loyalty, and playful nature. People love their cats. They are even willing to spend money to keep their cats happy.

 There were also cats in ancient Egypt. The first mention of them dates back to the 2nd millennium BC. People needed these animals to protect grain from rodents. In addition, in ancient Egypt, cats were idolized. They were considered the personification of the goddess who bestowed fertility. They were made sacred animals that man worshiped. If one of the people killed a cat, he was subjected to the death penalty. Furry creatures were subjected to mummification, as was customary with representatives of the human race. It is assumed that cats served as the object of sacrifice, but there is no scientific evidence.

It is believed that cats first came into existence in Egypt. They lived with the Egyptians, and the Egyptians liked these animals very much. At that time, cats were not domesticated yet. Cats were wild cats and didn’t have their owners. In Egypt, the people used cats for hunting rats. Later, cats became valuable and were traded all over the world. The Ancient Roman Empire loved cats, too. It was common for the Romans to keep them as pets. The Romans kept them for several purposes. They used cats to catch mice and rats, and they ate them. They also caught insects with them. They considered cats to be useful, and they loved them very much.

 What else can you learn from cats’ history?

In the Middle Ages, a cat already lived with a person almost everywhere. But still, some people continued to consider it a sacred animal. An example is the Vikings. She was idolized. For them, she was the personification of the goddess who bestowed love and fertility.

Along with sacred worship, there was another attitude. So, Catholics believed that the cat was a friend of witches. It was believed that she personified evil spirits. In 1234, the Pope even declared a black animal to be the incarnation of Satan.

In Europe in the Middle Ages, humanity paid dearly for its negative attitude towards furry creatures. Cats were exterminated, which led to an increase in the number of rodents, in particular rats. Against this background, there was an epidemic of plague because no one could exterminate the rodents. Other areas of Christianity were more loyal to cats. They were even allowed to visit temples.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, humans hated cats for various reasons. They were seen as dirty animals. They weren’t allowed inside houses. Their droppings were considered to be very smelly. They were also seen as thieves. They were blamed for the deaths of small birds and mice. Also, the cats were seen as carriers of disease. The cat was even blamed for causing the Black Death. People thought that they were spreading the disease by scratching themselves. Finally, cats were hated because they would steal grain from farmers and feed it to their kittens.

In the Middle Ages, cats were considered evil spirits and feared and hated. A cat was viewed as the Devil’s representative. Cats were believed to be bad luck and bad omens. People believed that cats were witches and thought to bring bad luck to houses. The only way to prevent these negative events was to kill the cat. This was an extremely cruel and barbaric practice.

Later, attitudes towards cats began to change for the better. They were brought in as companions. Today, furry creatures are one of the most common types of pets. People are willingly interested in offers for kittens for sale in Coquitlam and buying representatives of other breeds. Because medieval fear is alien to them, cats are a gift of nature that a person could tame.