In the security and surveillance system, the safety home and office are always prioritized. Therefore, the demand for CCTV cameras has dramatically increased over the past few years. Keeping the security concerns in mind, CCTV cameras are now located in markets, shopping complexes, offices, and homes. Shortly, however, CCTV cameras were placed in crowded places. If there are adults or children in the house, CCTV cameras are used to care and overall home security. To secure a home, there are a lot of steps to be taken throughout the world. From the beginning of human civilization, the ancient people also didn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure the safety of their homes.

However, in this article, we will try to show the necessity and usefulness of CCTV cameras in ensuring safety in the home and office. By installing CCTV cameras, you can easily control security and surveillance systems in your homes and offices. 

The Areas CCTV Cameras Installed

Generally, you will have to understand your need before buying safety equipment. Then you need to select the product and add accordingly what things are necessary. There is an opportunity to add more equipment, including indoor-outdoor cameras, alarms, lights, and door protection. The use of indoor and outdoor cameras is increasing among the security equipment in the country market. Many people are adding cameras to their homes, gardens, and garages for security.

Types Of CCTV Cameras–

Statistics show that indoor and outdoor cameras are the most widely used surveillance system. These cameras are now available in the local market so that people are using them rapidly. However, as CCTV and IPTV cameras are two types of cameras with different quality, there is also a price difference.

You can find the price of 2 megapixel CCTV cameras starts from Tk 1,600. The cameras that do not possess data storage facilities, for storage the cameras need to be connected to a separate device called DVR. The DVR has to be selected based on how many and what quality cameras are being added. 4, 6, 16 port DVR is available. One is to attach a CCTV camera with one port. By connecting the monitor to the DVR, you can view the video captured by the camera. You can view multiple cameras from the same monitor from DVR. The price of 4-port DVRs starts from Tk 4,000, and the minimum price of 8-port DVRs is Tk 6,000.


DVR does not store data, and you need to add a separate hard disk to save it. You need to buy a hard disk drive, considering how long it will store the data. Keep in mind that a 2-megapixel camera records about 10 gigabytes of data a day. Since it will store the data in DVRT, it is better to keep it in a place where not everyone can travel.

You may have to purchase a separate power adapter with the cameras. However, if PoE technology is DVR-supported, it will no longer need a separate power connection. In this case, the price of a power adapter is between 150-200 BDT. If PoE technology is used, you will have to buy a PoE switch with 2900. 500 per camera is charged for installing the device at home. Therefore, you just need to have an internet connection with a DVR to view the information of this CCTV camera from mobile when you are in a distant place.

Monitoring Bigger Areas

7 or 16 channel stand-alone embedded DVR (digital video recorder) and a built-in DVD writer are used to protect any large office or mill. Camera images can be viewed simultaneously on the same screen and recorded individually on the hard disk. Live CCTV monitoring or recording can also be done by logging in from anywhere globally with a high-speed internet connection. If you want to install a DVR, you have to spend Rs 35,000-95,000.

Although similar in shape, the IP (Internet Protocol) camera is a slightly different technology. Moreover, each of the IP cameras offers the opportunity to view separately, and NVR can be used to view all at once if necessary. The price of IP cameras has started from But. 2,500. The 4-port NVR will be available for a minimum of Tk 8,000, and the 7-port will be available for Tk 11,000. Apart from this, the other installation expenses are nearly similar.

You will get a one-year after-sales service in these parts, but the price may be a bit lower due to the brand differences.

CCTV Cameras For Office Purpose

CCTV Camera in bangladesh
CCTV Camera in office

There are large alarm systems outside the banks or any other institutions, including insurance companies or large industrial establishments. Though there is a similarity, a slightly different type of alert system can be used for home security. Sometimes using loud alarms can be helpful for alertness and awareness.

Who can monitor the surveillance camera?

Only authorized persons can monitor video security cameras as part of their responsibility. The footages collected from CCTV are very sensitive. This is why here secrecy is maintained strictly. The access request must be addressed to the person in charge of the video protection system.

Where to place an outdoor surveillance camera?

If you want to secure your home from any break-in, point your camera towards one of the access routes (including driveway, front door, windows, garage, etc.). Again, we recommend you place the camera 2 or 3 meters from the ground.


However, safety does not mean catching a thief, and it is about being aware to avoid unwanted mishaps. By installing these security cameras, anyone can constantly monitor all the happenings inside or outside of the building to prevent any unwanted situation. Especially CCTV cameras are employed in places with a risk of a security breach, such as in banks and shopping malls. The area where you will install security cameras is divided into different parts, and usually, 4, 6, or 16 cameras are installed.

There are different types of CCTV cameras due to differences in usage. For example, General Camera, Dome Camera, Hidden Camera, Spy Camera, Speed ​​Dome PTZ Camera, Day-Night Camera, Zoom Camera, Vandal Proof Camera, and IP Camera. Indoor CCTVs cost BDT. 3,000-15,000. It costs BDT. 45,000-50,000 to install outdoor CCTV.