For any Muslim, Umrah is a precious and memorable memory of their life. It also plays a vital role in Islam, because it’s the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). When we talk about Hajj, it has some rules and regulations to follow before performing it in the Holy Place.

However, Umrah is free from any significant rules like the preferable time to play, or the preferred month.

Umrah can be performed at any month throughout the year, and you can play it numerous times within one year based on your budget. However, the problem that occurs with a person while going for Umrah is to select the best travel apps in Pakistan or the best booking apps in Pakistan for better assistance.

Most of the time, people don’t know about the crucial things to follow before selecting an umrah package from any travel app of Pakistan.

If you are much aware of all the basics to advance knowledge about Umrah, you will go to win on selecting the Umrah package like a pro.

The reason for writing this article is to you aware of the five most crucial tips that will help you in selecting your best Umrah package from any service in 2020.

So, without any further delay, let’s start talking about those five crucial tips below.

Tips to Follow

  • Decide your Type of Package:

There would be the majority of you who might need an affordable Umrah package when going along with your families.

Most of the booking apps in Pakistan provide you a shared or customized type of Umrah packages plan based on your needs. Considering the group Umrah package allows you to have a lot of discounts per person.

As those who are running on a strict budget can connect with a group of peoples, and the cost per one person decreases depending on the number of more people gets involved in it. You might get fewer facilities in the group type Umrah plan, but that’s what can meet your budget. However, those who are much concerned about privacy and good quality services can also depend upon the customized packages.

In these packages, people would get high-class facilities, but the rates would become higher.

  • Check their Affiliation:

The second most important thing to look at every Umrah service provider website or their physical location is the authentication of their company.

You must need to ask them about the paper proof or any online affiliation they have with the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia. In the past, people have faced a lot of troubles by hiring a travel agent that wasn’t affiliated with the ministry and was also get restricted by providing one of the most miserable accommodations and transportation to the pilgrims.

That’s why you must need to do proper homework when you are looking for an affordable and best Umrah package for yourself. Because this research will not only save your money, you can also educate your friends or family members who are also planning in the future for Umrah.

  • Search Accommodation of all Umrah Packages Providers:

Whenever you want to plan your Umrah with a travel or tourism provider, you need to check the accommodation of every service provider you have to consider in the list.

Because various things can affect you based on improper accommodation knowledge, most of the time, the hotels they provide you in the package tends to be very far from the Holy places of Mecca and Medina. On the other hand, Mecca is surrounded by a 200 meter of land area, but most of the tour and travel service providers don’t include this space in the distance.

Let say, a travel agent has mentioned a hotel which is 1000 meters away from Mecca, so you should consider it as 1200 meters. The other way you can track the distance of the hotel and holy places is by looking upon Google Maps.

It gives you a straight idea about how much time it takes to travel by car or walk to reach both places. The one that has an ideal distance and good in service as per the old customer google review would be the best for you. So, you only need to approve the service provider who gives reasonable accommodation in the Umrah Packages.

  • Track the Hidden Cost:

It’s one of the essential things to do when you are dependent on a strict Budget for Umrah.

It would help if you searched for all the Umrah deals providing by the service providers on their websites or when meeting them in the offices. The next thing you should need to do is to either call them or visit them at their offices. When you have a meeting with them, make sure to discuss all the essential things that they are providing in the services.

Moreover, you should also need to know about the things that are not important but mentioned in the packages. In this way, you could decrease the things that are less important or have nothing to do with Umrah and can save your cost.

Besides that, you should also need to talk with them and ask about the cost they are consuming for the services. Must ask them about the hidden charges, because sometimes you think that all of the rates that are mentioned in the package would be enough for your Umrah.

In this way, you can increase or decrease your budget if there will be any hidden charges available in the package.

  • Pre-Planned your Umrah Visit:

It would help if you needed to start planning your Umrah at least 3 to 4 months before.

It allows you to check all the details about Umrah, and will not create any hurdle for you. Because the last moment, Umrah’s decisions must need to be avoided as they create a rush in your plans. The more you rush for a plan, the more you will be going to miss about the essential things regarding Umrah visit. Because most of the things in Umrah needs proper and complete time, without having any proper plan, you might get the worst Umrah of your life.