Litigation is a process to carry our lawsuit and Civil means all areas of law except criminal.

You need to hire a Civil Litigator whenever you get involved in any of the legal disputes with another entity which includes below convictions: Real Estate Litigations, Evictions, Contract Disputes, Partnership/Shareholder Disputes, Insurance Litigations, Torts these all categories have subcategories as well which are discussed below.

Hayes Law firm has more than 50 years of experience as a civil litigator. A litigator is a person who prepares a case for trial or a ‘trial lawyer’ and handling appeals.

You can call Hayes Law Firm and get help from Civil Litigators before filing any lawsuit, you can go with a free and confidential consultation with us to make yourself comfortable, we are there with you at every step also, as civil litigators are experienced to resolve issues without a lawsuit. This will help you save your time from long courtroom sessions, money and it will keep you away from stress.

Hiring the Attorney during the inception of dispute helps you to clear the dispute in a less-costly manner.

At Hayes Law Firm, we have experience in all major civil matters and have prosecuted for million-dollar trials before juries in Nevada Supreme Court, also have experience handling cases in front of federal courts. We have experience in all matters related to civil cases.

Attorney at Hayes Firm has practiced in front of United States District Court for the Central District of Utah, Ninth Court of Appeals and tenth Court of Appeals, United States District Court for District of  Nevada.

At Hayes Law Firm, we do not accept cases just to outsource but to stand beside you and provide a helping hand, we want to develop trust.

Under Real Estate there are few sub categories : Landlord-tenant Dispute,Fraud,Contract Disputes,Premises Liability,Quiet Title Actions,Licence Broker Dispute.

Evictions we have following subcategories: Summary Evictions and Restitution.

Partnership / Shareholder Disputes we can categories as Fiduciary Duties and Contract disputes.

Contract Disputes covers: Real Estate Disputes, Service Agreement Disputes, Fraud and Partnership/Shareholder Dispute

Intentional Torts and Negligence are covered under Torts and Premises Liability and Auto Accidents are covered under Insurance defence.

If you convicted in any of the above categories you can call us on for free and confidential consultation today at 702-656-0808 with 24/7 support and availability.

We will always help you and provide experienced Civil Litigators to help you and stand beside you at every step, you are not alone we are there with you to support and stand for you. Feel free to call us@702-656-0808 with 24/7  availability