Who Was Colin Marma? Do you know him? He was a resident of Garrison, New York. It has been reported that Colin Marma was discovered deceased in the Atlantic Ocean near Rockaway Beach in Queens. But who was he, and what led to this heartbreaking outcome? Let’s find out.

Colin Marma’s Disappearance: A Tragic Mystery

On February 2, a 26-year-old man named Colin Albert Marma, who resided in Garrison, New York, was reported missing. Colin had been managing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder for approximately four years.

He was last seen at his place of employment, where both he and his step-father were employed. Roland Heitmann, Colin’s step-father, noticed that something seemed off that morning—Colin appeared agitated, as if wrestling with inner turmoil.

After briefly leaving work and returning, Colin vanished without a trace. In 2004, his Mercedes Benz was discovered in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan at 143rd Street and Broadway.

The last known sighting of Colin was at Blessed Bar and Kitchen, where he bought a single beverage.

Colin’s family and community rallied together in search of him. Since February 3, Jeanne-Marie Fleming, the mother of Colin, has been organizing group searches and enlisting volunteers through a website and Facebook page called “Finding Colin.”

Every weekend, they have walked around Manhattan to post missing persons flyers and ask for people’s help in keeping an eye out for him.

Despite their efforts, the search continued for weeks. Erin Daly-Spano, leader of the Hudson Valley nonprofit organization Hope Alive 845, played a vital role in publicizing Colin’s disappearance.

Colin Marma Found Dead

Tragically, on March 27, Colin Marma’s body was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rockaway Beach in Queens. A bystander found him and alerted the police, ending the family’s desperate search.

The circumstances surrounding Colin’s disappearance remain a heartbreaking mystery, leaving his loved ones grappling with grief and unanswered questions.

Who was Colin Marma?

Colin Albert Marma was born on November 3, 1997, at Vassar Hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York. He shared this special day with his twin brother, Quinn.

Both were born prematurely, each weighing less than 3 pounds, showing their fighting spirit right from the start.

Colin graduated from Arlington High School and went on to attend SUNY Oneonta. There, he was an active member of the Beta Chi fraternity, making friends and sharing memorable experiences.

Colin was passionate about the great outdoors. He loved hiking through nature and snowboarding down snowy slopes.

Music was a significant aspect of his life as he both appreciated listening to it and composing his own pieces. His family also held great importance in his life.

Colin’s mother, Jeanne-Marie Fleming, and stepfather, Roland Heitmann, along with his father Kenneth Marma and stepmother Lori White, as well as his maternal grandmother Dorothy Fleming and paternal grandfather Albert Marma all played crucial roles.

Additionally, he shared a strong bond with his brothers Quinn and Dylan, as well as stepsisters Anna and Coco Heitmann.His nephew, Anthony, was also dear to him.

Colin was renowned for his introspective nature and keen perception of those in his surroundings. He had a genuine appreciation for the joys of life, particularly the moments shared with loved ones.

Identification of Colin Marma’s Body

The authorities identified Colin Marma’s body through a combination of methods. First, they relied on physical characteristics such as fingerprints, dental records, and any unique features or tattoos.

Additionally, they likely cross-referenced this information with missing persons reports and DNA testing to confirm his identity.

The process is standard in such cases to bring closure to families and provide conclusive evidence.

Was There Foul Play Involved in Colin Marma’s Death?

The body of Colin Albert Marma was discovered in the waters near Rockaway Beach in Queens. His whereabouts had been under investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office since his last known sighting on February 2nd.

Mental Health Struggles

Colin had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, two conditions he had been managing for almost four years. His family reported that he went missing while believed to be in the New York City vicinity.

No Evidence of Foul Play

While some theories suggested foul play, conclusive evidence has not been found to support this claim. The investigation into Colin Marma’s death continues, but authorities have not identified any signs of criminal activity.

Family’s Grief

Colin’s identical twin, Quinn, and their 29-year-old brother, Dylan, flew to New York from out-of-state to be with their family. His wake was planned for McCoul Funeral Home in Hopewell Junction, followed by a funeral service at St. Denis Church.

Bottom Line

Colin Marma, tragically found dead off Rockaway Beach, leaves behind unanswered questions. His story reminds us of the impact of mental health struggles and the importance of compassion.