Anyone who has experience with dental troubles, caries, malocclusion, occlusion, dentition, dent, Cosmetic Dentistry, and pediatric dentistry knows how horrible it is. It makes breathing, chewing into a pulp, sucking, and talking difficult and since it occurs in the skull it can also lead to the development of a crippling headache or trauma. Many times adults and children need to study to avoid the nature of oral health issues like caries and only seek treatment or look up medical authors or international research articles when things get out of hand. However, a rule of thumb is that there are patterns or factors, nature, and symptoms including toothache, cavities and occlusions, and small size of mouth with which you can check to determine an oncoming thrust or development into dental problems. You must also keep a clean tongue to avoid bad breath and caries. This article has a list of some of these symptoms and habits that you can follow to prevent high damage and maintain oral health.

Common Dental Symptoms

Oral pediatric health is an important issue and study for adults and children (small size of the mouth), but quite often overlooked and you will be thrust into a worse problem like dentition. In this article, there are some of the severe symptoms, development, and severe conditions to look out for which may result in trauma, dental problems, malocclusion, dentition, tooth dent, and severe caries in the coming future. Visit the Best Dental Hospital in Coimbatore for treatment.


Toothache is one of the most common signs of severe oral pediatric health problems like caries in children. They hinder your day-to-day work and trauma will get worse if not treated immediately. An international article and review reveal that there are many reasons which may thrust you into a toothache. Most commonly a toothache is associated with the small size of the mouth, sucking, open mouth breathing, malocclusion, dentition, a cavity, or caries in children. You must also keep a clean tongue to avoid bad breath and open caries. However, it can also occur due to habits or gum disease, or an impacted tooth while chewing pulp. Research study shows that high swelling and development of pus around the tooth which is aching, it can be an abscess. A rule of thumb is that rinsing your mouth with warm water will help relieve the pain, but a doctor must be consulted immediately for pediatric treatment to avoid open tooth death, trauma, or malocclusion in children.

Sensitive Teeth

If you feel a sharp pain when you eat anything hot or cold or sucking fruit pulp, open mouth breathing then you may have high tooth sensitivity issues or factors. Sensitive teeth can be an early symptom of open tooth decay/caries, fractured teeth due to nature or changing your nature trauma, worn-out open fillings, gum disease, malocclusion, or exposed open tooth root due to gum recession. An article and study review suggests treatment for sensitive teeth could be as simple as using a desensitizing toothpaste or gel. If the condition is severe, then the best dental hospitals may recommend pediatric treatment including a root canal, filling, or tissue replacement at the root. You must also keep a clean tongue to avoid such issues.

Bleeding or Sore Gums

Bleeding gums are quite common factors in children. It may be due to sucking, trauma, or habits, or nature. If you notice any blood when brushing your teeth or flossing it might just be due to aggressive brushing or tough bristles. You must review how you brush your teeth. A rule of thumb is to search for a mild toothpaste toothbrush with soft bristles. However, if the bleeding prolongs then you might have to consult a doctor. According to science, bleeding, or open sores factors that point to gingivitis which may lead to abnormal or normal gum diseases. A sticky bacteria like plaque beneath the gum line can result in diseases like gingivitis and may cause trauma, bone decay, caries, malocclusion, dentition, and loosening of teeth. Consuming fruit pulp keeps your gums and tongue healthy.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can take different or abnormal nature and can have varying normal reasons. The sores can be canker sores, lesions, cold sores, leukoplakia, and lead to the development of candidiasis. While mouth sores or lesions can be a symptom or result of something oral, but they also are known to early signs of other diseases like stomach ulcers and liver damage or habits. Mouth sores could either be caused by bacteria or a fungus, but search for factors like braces, early sucking, dentures, and a sharp chipped tooth are also known to cause mouth sores, or lesions, and other diseases. You must also keep a clean tongue to avoid bad breath lesions and caries

Bad Breath

Bad Breath is often overlooked as an abnormal symptom of early oral disease. While normal factors and habits/nature like sucking, smoking, certain food, and drinks, or bad oral hygiene can result in the development of bad breath, it can also be a sign of developing early gum diseases or lesions. A rule of thumb is that other than flossing and brushing your teeth, one must also keep a clean tongue to avoid bad breath and caries. Consuming or sucking fruit pulp keeps your gums and tongue healthy and prevents lesions.

Jaw pain/Popping or Clicking

Jaw pain and joint clicks are not abnormal or generally related to normal tooth size issue development like malocclusion or dentition in childhood. However, conditions and diseases like physical trauma, arthritis, sinus problems, toothache, gingivitis, and teeth grinding can cause jaw pain. If the pain is unmanageable your doctor may recommend an X-ray to determine the source of pain. Search for a good dentist or an educational journal.

Dry Mouth

The dry mouth seems like a minor issue in children which may cause nothing more than a minor inconvenience during childhood. However, an abnormal amount of dry mouth could be a normal sign of an underlying infection. Saliva is responsible for dislodging and keeping the food pulp moving. It also acts as a disinfectant for the mouth. If left untreated it may lead to further development of oral problems and diseases like dentition. Consult your doctor for ways to restore moisture in your mouth in childhood. Search for a good dentist.

Stained or Discoloured Teeth

Teeth colour is generally a representation of everything that you are consuming. Substances like tea or coffee, tobacco, certain foods, and certain medication are known to stain your teeth. Other than what you consume your genetics, childhood (small size of the mouth), open mouth breathing, and age is also a leading factor to stained teeth. To counter this a doctor of cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic articles may recommend teeth whitening using bleach or UV light.


Authors state that cavities are one of the worst signs of bad oral hygiene and common to develop in childhood. They are holes created in the teeth by sticky bacteria known as plaque. If not cleaned thoroughly and regularly the normal bacteria slowly eats up the outer hard shell of the tooth, destroying its integrity and exposing the root. Cavities are prone to develop in areas of previous treatment like filings. A habit of brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, discouraging open mouth breathing, and flossing is the best dental treatments recommended by pediatrics and research articles to avoid cavities in children. It must start in childhood. Search for a good dentist or an educational journal.

Impacted Teeth

Many times when an adult tooth doesn’t come properly, it creates an impacted tooth or dentition or early malocclusion. The authors state that this is generally caused when the tooth is stuck between tissue, another tooth, or bone. Though generally left alone, if it starts to cause too much pain then a dentist or journal may recommend removing it.


The authors state that oral hygiene is very important. Our buccal cavity is the door from where food and liquids enter our bodies. An international research article by medical authors and journals state that it is continuously exposed and is susceptible to serious damage. If not taken care of properly it will hinder your lifestyle and make it very difficult for you to carry out your day-to-day work. Consuming fruit pulp keeps your gums healthy. If you have any of the patterns mentioned in this article, take immediate action and you will avoid any severe problems. Search for a good dentist or an educational journal for Best Dental Treatment.