Corby Florists

The covid-19 pandemic had seriously devastating impacts on the world economy. It has proven especially devastating for private firm owners. The small business owners were the ones that were most impacted due to limited financial resources.

Similarly, the covid pandemic has proven to be devastating for Corby florist. Due to pandemics most of the events were either canceled or postponed, or were celebrated simply due to the stopping of social gatherings.

Most of the Corby florists in this time frame lost their business as near to no weddings were held. Although the year 2021 has been anticipated as the year of returning to normal life. Yet, things don’t look good for florist Corby as most of them are facing difficulties in making ends meet. Most of them aren’t even sure whether or not they would be in business by the end of the pandemic.

Fortunately, we live in the world of information technology and florists can make use of delivery systems to help keep their businesses afloat. Most of the Corby florists have become linked to eCommerce and it has helped them generate a stream of financial revenue. So, if you are a Corby florists, then you can make use of the following methods to generate some revenue to help keep your business afloat till the pandemic ends and we return to our routine lives.

Floral E-Commerce website

If you happen to be someone that has an already running website then you are more than lucky. Starting a new website and running it would take a considerably longer time. It would be a while before a new website would feature on the first page of google. So, make use of an already running website and add in an additional domain for flowers and delivery.

To keep things simple you can just add a shopping page into the already running website. Make sure to add in some keywords relating to flowers and delivery to make sure that your page is easily searchable and accessible by everyone.

Make some floral arrangements and then post them on your website. You can also upload the catalog of your floral designs to the website. Make some universal floral designs i.e Designs that can be used for every event and occasion. Do not upload your entire floral catalog on the website, as the days when we used to go through entire catalogs are now behind us.

Make sure to add some designer choice options. You can upload 10-20 floral designs, but less is good in this case. Only use those flowers and stems to make floral designs that are easily available to you. Be as creative with the designs as you want. It would take off some stress as you wouldn’t need to worry about keeping an endless stash of flowers that you are not going to use.

Floral marketing 

The easiest way to run your business in a pandemic is by reaching the customers on your own instead of waiting for them to come. You can do so by sending out emails to your customers to tell them that you have entered the retail business and can get the floral designs shipped to their doorsteps.

You can also generate new clients by putting up ads on different platforms. For example, you can put an advertisement on Facebook, run a Google AdWords ad, put posts on social media, and by hiring google reviews. You also have the option of joining floral directories and showcasing your products on those websites.

So, if you are a corby florists then these easy steps can help you in your transition into a retail florists. The times are hard for everyone. A time would come when all of this would be behind us and our businesses would prosper again. All we need to do is keep the faith and try to generate some revenue to keep our businesses afloat.