Coronary artery disease involved in heart disease is seen in most people. But, since most people are not fully aware of this disease, that is why they are not able to get it treated properly. Therefore, if they had knowledge of coronary artery disease and the correct methods of its treatment, then perhaps they would also get a better life.

If you also do not know correctly about coronary artery disease, then you should definitely read this article because in this we have tried to give the necessary information related to coronary artery disease.

What is coronary artery disease?

Coronary artery disease refers to a disease in which blood cannot reach the heart, mainly due to blockage or malfunction in the arteries that carry blood to the heart.

Although it is possible to treat it , but if the treatment is not done at the right time, it can cause death of any person (both men and women).

What are the symptoms of coronary artery disease?

Like any other disease, coronary artery disease also has its own symptoms, which indicate its onset. In the end, any person should see the doctor on seeing these 5 symptoms and get their treatment-

Chest pain- This is a major symptom of coronary artery disease, in which a person complains of chest pain. Usually, chest pain is ignored, but sometimes it can also cause angina.

Shoulder pain- Often, it has been seen that in some people, coronary artery disease begins with shoulder pain. If the shoulder pain is not corrected soon, it can cause a heart attack.

Shortness of breath- Coronary artery disease can also be caused by shortness of breath. Often, this is thought to be the cause of fatigue, but it can be dangerous to think because it can also be a sign of a serious illness.

Feeling of weakness- It is possible that most people do not consider weakness as a symptom of coronary artery disease because in their eyes it is a normal thing, which is the result of working all day. However, there are many such cases of coronary artery disease in which the disease starts due to weakness.

Thus, if a person feels physical weakness, he should inform his doctor, not ignoring it so that he does not have any serious illness.

Not eating food – Another symptom of coronary artery disease is also not eating food and stomach upset. Generally, the problem of inattention or indigest is considered to be a stomach related problem and for this reason, it is not treated properly.

Therefore, it is important that no person should ignore any health problem and get the right treatment.

What causes coronary artery disease?

This disease can happen to any person, which can be due to-

Family history- Coronary artery disease like any other disease can also be caused by family history. For this reason, if someone else in the family has coronary artery disease, he should undergo a health checkup to ensure that he is completely healthy.

Smoking- People prone to coronary artery disease are more likely to smoke. Therefore, such people should do their health checkup and quit smoking as soon as possible.

Suffering from Diabetes- Often, coronary artery disease can also occur to people suffering from diabetes. Therefore, in the case of sugar disease, a person should take special care of his health and try to control sugar.

Dieting Unhealthy- It is believed that our diet has a profound effect on our body. This also applies to coronary artery disease because the other cause of this disease is also the unhealthy diet.

Stress taking- Coronary artery disease can also occur to a person under extreme stress or stress.

How to treat coronary artery disease?

Some people may have coronary artery disease as an incurable disease and for this reason, they cannot get treatment. But, if they know that they can get rid of coronary artery disease with these 5 methods of treatment, then perhaps they will also get a better life-

Taking medicine- The easiest way to cure coronary artery disease is to take medicine. For this reason, doctors give medicines to the person suffering from coronary artery disease so that coronary artery disease does not spread in his body.

Getting ECG- Many times, doctors also do ECG to treat coronary artery disease.

Through this test, the doctor ascertains whether the heartbeat of a person suffering from coronary artery disease is progressing properly.

CT scan- In addition to ECG, coronary artery disease is also treated by a CT scan.

By CT scan, any person is treated by taking an internal picture of the human body.

Coronary angiography – Sometimes, coronary artery disease is also treated by coronary angiography. Coronary angiography corrects the blockages present in the blood vessels of the heart.